Monday, January 19, 2009

17 Weeks And Counting...

I am feeling really pregnant these days.  Everything is changing, and I don't even recognize myself anymore.  This is what a 38 inch waist and 18 extra pounds looks like...

My belly button is totally flat now, and I'm betting that it will pop out sometime this week.  Sleep is getting somewhat difficult already.  All my extra weight is in my belly, so when I flip over I have to carefully hold my belly and then support it with my maternity pillow.  (BTW - the Boppy Maternity Pillow is something everyone should own!  It is so comfortable and I can't sleep without it!)  Josh is already complaining that he cannot get a good night sleep anymore with me tossing and turning all night.  I just tell him, "get used to it!"  We are going to be sleep deprived for the next  5 years or so.

I don't mean to sound like a big complainer, because overall I am still feeling good.  I don't use the adjective "great" to describing how I feel anymore, but it's still not bad.  I am quickly approaching my scheduled bed rest, but I have been taking it easy already, so hopefully I will get the OK to just continue what I am doing and not go on total bed rest just yet.  My dad borrowed a wheelchair from his church for me to use, so that has been nice.  Josh has been such a good sport wheeling me around places that require a lot of walking.

From here on out I will be going to the doctor every week.  They will check to see if I am showing any signs of preterm labor, and on every other visit they will take measurements of the babies.  So far, so good though; I haven't experienced any preterm labor and the babies are all measuring 16 week size and all weigh 5 ounces!


  1. Ooooh, Boppy didn't make a maternity pillow when I was pregnant, but I had a Snoogle (I think that's what it was) and it was worth every penny. Andrew called it my boyfriend, since it took up so much of the bed.

    Well, I took up so much of the bed...

  2. Wow, you look great and getting bigger by the day. Tell Josh to quit complaining, he's got it easy compared to you! I am so glad that everyone is remaining healthy. Take care!!

  3. 2 things I'm so glad you're doing: 1)weekly belly pics. I got lazy with these and was on strict bed rest. I did some, but not as many as I would have liked. 2) Using a wheelchair. I used one at around 20 weeks. If I had started sooner, it probably would have been a good idea. Keep on keepin' on girl!

  4. You look fabulous! Good thing there is the internet. I sure hope you have a laptop for your bed rest :) I am expecting a blog every day when it hits! :)

  5. Now you can use those electric chairs at Target! You look beautiful!

  6. It was great to see ya'll this weekend. You look fabulous!