Sunday, October 19, 2014

What a Sweet Surprise!

HELLOOOO!  I’m back after a 5 month blogger hiatus! I miss blogging, but life’s just been so busy and filled with lots of (good) changes, so I took some time off. I want to get back into it though, because I miss looking back and watching Taylor grow up on in past posts and being able to chronicle my life.

So, yesterday I was in my bathroom getting ready and the house was awful quiet… No one was hanging on me, no whining or crying, no one was getting into my makeup drawer, no one needed anything, so I suspected SOMETHING was up. Marc went to go look for Taylor and Haden and then came running back to come get me. He said, “You’ve gotta see this! Shhhh!” So, we quietly ran to the kid’s bathroom to find Haden delicately brushing Taylor’s hair after helping her get dressed, and he was even attempting to put a bow in her hair. I almost cried! How sweet is that?!? We didn’t find them fighting over a toy, making a mess, or (play) sword fighting… Nope! He was brushing her hair and she was letting him! I wish I was able to get a picture of it. Instead of had them pose for me after running back to grab my phone…

(BTW, Haden will KILL me if he knew his picture of him in his PJs is all over the world wide web, so let’s just make that our little secret, K???)

Seeing this reminded me to thank God immediately… These are my kids! My miracle baby, Taylor, and my new step-son, Haden! How awesome is that?!

I never imagined this is what my family would look like – it’s much different that what I first envisioned when I found out I was pregnant with the Green Beans SIX LONG years ago. I just knew I wanted to be a Mom and I was open to what God had in store for me. It has been a tough road, but I so glad to be where I am today! So grateful for the blessings that surround me.

Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY {Comfy Cozy Blanket}


Taylor’s birthday is right around the corner.  When I asked her what she wanted, she quickly answered, “A Snow White blanket!!”   So, naturally, I had to find a way to make this happen for her….

I found this super comfy fabric that had all her favorite princesses on it, including Snow – so I knew that was the one!  To top it off, I got the comfy dot fabric for the other side.  I bought 1 yard of each, so when complete, this blanket will be about 3 x 5 feet! 

Here’s what you need:

1 yard of fleece

1 yard of dot fabric

thread, scissors, needle, and a sewing machine

This really is an easy project!  I have not broken out my sewing machine in probably 5 years, before today, but I was reminded how fun and rewarding it can be!  I first made her new smocked dress, then begun on the blanket.

First, lay out your fabrics, so the pretty sides are facing each other.  Line them up and cut any access.  You may need to use a yard stick if you have one to make sure the sides are straight and square.  I didn’t have one, so I just eye balled it. 


Begin pinning the sides together. 


Sew the 4 sides of the blanket together inside out, but be sure to leave a few inch opening on one side so you can pull the blanket right side out.  Leave a part of one side open, but not a corner. 

Now, with the small opening you left, pull the blanket right-side out.  Then, hand stitch the opening together.


Iron your blanket, and then pick a few areas throughout the blanket to put a few hand stitches in.  This will keep the two layers of fabric from shifting and keep it lined up nicely.


I have a feeling this will be one of her favorite things she gets for her birthday!  Funny how the littlest, most simple gifts can make them the happiest.  I can just picture her now, all curled up with her “princess cozy” watching a movie :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Super Easy Sewing Project {Smocked Dress}


Want a SUPER easy sewing project that literally takes 2 minutes, and will make you feel proud at your “crafty” accomplishments?!?!  Well, do this!! 

I picked up this fabric that was a pre-smocked at Joanne’s.  It’s got Disney Princesses on it, so I knew Tay would love it.  It’s sold by the inch, so I eyeballed how much I think I needed and bought it! 

Here’s all you need…


Dust the cobwebs off your sewing machine, load it up with thread, and make ONE stitch down the size of the fabric. 

Make sure you turn the fabric inside out and sew!


Two minutes later, you will have a cute sundress/or beach cover up for your little princess and you’ll feel oh so crafty!  

Happy Sewing! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Joy!


Easter was a blast this year!  It is such a joy to celebrate the holidays with my Tay Tay!  Now that she is almost three, she really got the whole Easter Egg Hunt idea and had so much fun with it!  On Saturday, we went to two neighborhood’s egg hunts.  She enjoyed collecting eggs and most importantly, seeing what was in all of them!  On Sunday morning she got her basket full of fun stuff fit for a princess, and some candy of course. On our way to church that morning, Taylor asks me if I am the Easter Bunny!!  It was so random and funny!  I’m not big into the whole Easter Bunny tradition, so I told her I was – but of course she’ll keep getting Easter Baskets, plus I’m sure she’ll forget in time for next year. 


I know what you’re thinking…. where did my baby go??!  It’s crazy to me how tall and mature she is getting!  She’s getting so independent now too. She doesn’t have to be glued to me every second now… just most of the time :)  I try to enjoy it though even when my patience is going because there’s going to come a day when she doesn’t want me to hold her… sniff sniff!

We go to a very casual church, so a casual sun dress for Easter is more than enough.  I got Tay’s dress off Etsy here.  I had a hard time choosing just one – all of the fabrics are so cute!  It’s just a basic pillow case dress that can grow with her as it get’s shorter.  The neck and arms are totally adjustable too.  She looked like a cute little Easter Egg in it! :)

tays dress

And my dress was just a cheapie from Old Navy - $22 on sale, in fact!  I styled it with my ole faithful - jean jacket, which I feel goes with just about EVERYTHING and a silver necklace. 

LG dress 

And, viola!  Here we are ready for church!


Here’s my whole Easter crew!



After church we headed to The Farm for the day.  The kids drove the golf cart around, played baseball, and cooked a big Easter dinner!  We even played a couple games of Bags.  Old Papa (92 years YOUNG) and Taylor even played!  Old Papa sure knew how to toss those bean bags!  It was impressive!


Mimi even got in on the game playing!  Look at that Frisbee throw!

Tay somehow lost her pants, but she remembered to take her Easter Basket everywhere she went!


Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Haden’s Room Makeover

Taylor’s room re-do sparked another fun project!  Marc’s been wanting to makeover Haden’s room for awhile now.  He’s had pretty much the same room since he was a baby, minus the crib of course, so it was time for a more mature room.  Haden loves to fish and loves baseball – a pretty typical boy!  So, we wanted to incorporate that into his room, but I wanted to also give it some style and continuity. 

I got the main inspiration for his room from a Pottery Barn Teen bedding set, and it developed from there:


You can find the links on my board here.

His room before was a hot mess!  It needed some serious work!  He’s what I like to call a hoarder collector… He needed to purge, organize, and his room needed a design.  His whole room makeover was a surprise.  We did it this weekend while he wasn’t home.  The week prior, he helped by just getting rid of toys and books that he didn’t want any more.  I am kicking myself for not getting any before pics!!!  Guess you’ll just have to trust me, because this was a huge transformation….


I used the same type of idea for his focal wall as I did in Tay’s room, but did horizontal lines instead.  More manly, don’t ya think?

I used a light gray (Silver Bells) as the main wall color and a navy blue (Admiralty) as the accent horizontal stripe color from Porter Paint.


Haden is one lucky boy to have a new bedroom set of furniture too.  I ixnayed the whole matching bedroom furniture idea, and encouraged him to just go with the bed and a dresser.  The rest we’d coordinate together and make the room look less “matchy matchy”.


The shark bedding is on backorder, but here’s how it turned out without the comforter…


I added this Ikea (Besta cube in black/brown) cabinet across from the bed with orange accent bins for more functional storage.  Those cubes can hold a lot!  He’s got some empty space for room to grow now.

photo 4

The curtains where navy blue panels from Ikea, mounted high to accentuate the height of the ceiling and window.  They are also black-out, so when they are shut, not an ounce of light gets in.  I’m jealous and want these for MY room now!


Some of the fun details of the room include… an ocean painting canvas from Home Goods, more miscellaneous fish art work over the doors and a new updated lap shade on his pre-existing lamp from Lowes. 


And another fun detail, is the under-bed storage!  I love this idea!  More drawer space and open bins for toys or whatever!  Definitely some functional storage that can grow with him throughout the years!


Oh, and this fun candle holder that I found at Home Goods – thought it tied in with the room nicely, so I couldn’t resist!

photo 4 (2)

It was so fun doing this whole project for Hades – but the best part was the reveal!  He was shocked, speechless, and ever so grateful for the great room makeover!  I even got a handmade thank you card from Haden today that was all his idea.  So sweet!

Okay…what room can I decorate next?!?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Taylor’s Room Re-do {Chevron Wall}

I stumbled across this DIY tutorial on how to do an “easy” Chevron accent wall here.  I was a little nervous how it would turn out because I am not the best at attention to detail when it comes to projects.  I don’t have a lot of patience, but I decided to give it a try anyway.  It’s just paint, so worst case, I would paint over it and pretend it never happened… right?!

So here was the inspiration for Tay’s accent wall:


Here was her room BEFORE

The bed was against the wall and the room had 3 lighter walls and one darker, accent wall.


You may recall, I made Taylor’s headboard shown above.  Instructions for that here.

The Chevron Wall instructions were really simple and easy to follow.  The part that takes the most time is measuring out the wall.  This has to be precise and down to the inch or else your lines will be off.  The tutorial explains how to measure it out.  Then you connect your measurements with painters tape.  One challenge I had that was not covered in the instructions is what to do if you have a window on the wall you’re painting.  This made measuring a little more difficult, so keep that in mind if the wall you have has a window or door.


Now for the fun part… painting!  The first step of painting is to re-paint the base color in the sections you plan to paint the accent color.  You only need to paint over the painters tape and this seals it so your accent paint does not bleed under the tape. 

Paint colors I used:

Alpine Valley 355-4 by Porter Paint (base color)

Turquoise Mist 355-3 by Porter Paint (accent color)

I lucked out because I had both colors left over from when I originally painted her room.  I had about half a can each and that was plenty. 


I applied this coat, then took a nice long nap while we had a huge rain storm.  It was glorious!  When I woke up, it was time to apply the accent color!


While the paint was still wet-ish, I carefully pealed off the tape to reveal perfect painted lines!  I was thrilled to see it turn out so well. 


Sure, there are a few little imperfections, but that was due to taping issues.  If I do this again, I will be even more meticulous with the measuring and taping, but overall I am still really pleased how it turned out!

When I put the room back together, I decided to rearrange the furniture a little too.  I found a great mirror at Home Goods that I think looks great over her bed.  I definitely recommend using the DIY instructions that I followed.  It was fairly easy and makes a huge impact!  I can’t wait to see the look on Taylor’s face when she sees her updated room for the first time this afternoon! 

I am already thinking of what other accent walls I can paint in my house!  Happy decorating!



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Island Time!


Spring time in Florida is here and we kicked things off by heading to 3 Rooker Island this weekend!  Taylor hasn’t been since last summer and she loved it this time even more!  Even though the water was still in the 70’s (cold for Florida!), the kids didn’t mind…  They were out there ALL day playing in the water.

Packing up the car with all our gear left little room for Haden and Taylor to actually fit!  They got a kick out of it though and were good sports!


Having the option to hop on Marc’s boat anytime we want is such a treat!  Haden and Taylor were jazzed up to go; egger to put on their life jackets and hit the open water!  I was a little concerned if Taylor would like being on the boat, but she had so problem with it at all!  In fact, she’s quite the daredevil… every bump or big wave, she’d yell “woooohooo”!!


Taylor even got the chance to drive!!  AHHHH!


On a little side note, Tay is sporting one of her new baiting suits for 2014.  She went though a serious growing spurt lately and I had to buy a 5T!  **sniff, sniff** When did my baby turn into a 5 year old?!  I just love the swim t-shirts with the bikini bottom look.  It’s so handy with kids and keeps them covered up with an SPF 50 top.  Here is her new Oshkosh suit:



Miss Queen of the Island was difficult to lure out of the water until I pulled out the bag of Cheetos Puffs!  She was in her happy place all dry, under the tent, snuggled up, and eating her snack!

Despite the entire bag of Cheetos being consumed somehow, we were busy burring it off with building sand castles, ball games, and playing in the mini-boat.


We all look forward to going back as often as we can all Spring and Summer long! 


Happy Spring!!