Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Must Read

I just bought Jon and Kate's book, "Multiple Blessings", and I can't put it down!  I am not a "reader" either, but they have such a great story to tell and advice to share.  If anyone is interested in reading it (after Allison; she's next), then let me know and I will be happy to pass it along!

Multiple Bles8ings Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Oh how I love them. I have been following them since day one. Never missed an episode or tv interview.

  2. ohhh i would love to read that book so please pass it down to me. i love taht show i havent missed a show since it started icant wait to see mondays show to see where they are moving too.. i would love for you to pass that book to me i cant afford to buy one iam disabled. let me know when you will be sending it to me thanks so much.. iam praying daily for you and your babies and your husband. i will try to call you tomorrow so look forward to me calling you ok i will look up the number on the internet.

    hugs and prayers
    a faithful reader of yours