Friday, February 20, 2009

1 week down!

Hey Everyone - I thought I'd try to post today to let you all know that I am still "hanging" in there!  Today marks 1 week of being in the hospital... in bed; inverted.  My feet have not touched the floor in 7 days!  It's really hard, and starting to get to me, but I don't want to post about how bad it is... you can imagine.  On the very bright side, my pregnancy seems to be going well.  Like Josh mentioned, we are getting an ultrasound sometime today, so it will be nice to check in on the babies.  I am not experiencing any more leaking, so I wonder if Baby B's sac has sealed up.  All the babies are moving around all the time, and their kicks are getting harder and stronger by the day.  Laying around, feeling them kicking is my most exciting past time.  

I think we finally got the temperature issue down.  Since I've been using the cheap thermometer, I have had only normal temperatures.  Please keep praying that I won't get any infections.  I am determined to hang on to these babies until way past viability!

I am exhausted now, so I am going to take a little nap.


  1. Sounds like you are really hanging in there! I'm praying for at least a few more weeks!


  2. Praying!!! Hang in there momma, you're doing great!!

  3. keep up the good work , your going to make it to at least 28 weeks .

  4. Way to go Lauren! You are handling what must be a VERY difficult job with SUCH GRACE! Praying away!

  5. Just know that everyone is thinking about you and praying for you! Romie sends love and kisses to her mommy & daddy. But, beware b/c our friends who are in town are loving her and just might want to take her back to Chicago with them!! :o) Love you guys!