Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goal #1 - Get Thru February!

It is so good to be home again.  So far this week, I have been resting and getting back into work again.  I'm feeling good, but definitely taking it easy!  My day consists of waking up around 7:30am, breakfast in bed :), then doing some work while still in bed.  My mom has been coming over most afternoons to help me with lunch.  I eat lunch, then I rest and continue some work on my laptop.  Once Josh gets home from work, I usually move out into the Living Room, eat dinner on my recliner, then finish off my day watching some TV.  It seems to be working out pretty well.  This may come as a surprise to some, but I don't get bored doing this.  I have plenty of things to keep me busy.  I do miss getting dressed up in normal clothes, putting makeup on, and going out to do things, but all that can wait.  I know I will get those parts of my life back one day.  My main focus is to get through the month of February without any complications, at a bare minimum!  That's our goal.  Once February comes and goes, the babies will be much better off, and I can receive steroids to help them develop their lungs.

Mom and Dad are taking me to my doctor's appointment tomorrow.   Josh will also be meeting us at the doctor's office too.  I will be seeing my High Risk docs, and Dr. Rao, and I'll be getting more ultrasounds.  Big day!  I look forward to getting a check up and seeing the babies.

To all our wonderful supporters out there that pray for our family everyday, we sincerely THANK YOU!  Your prayers are what has gotten us this far and what gives us the strength to go on.


  1. Hey Lauren,
    Just to let you know, we are praying for you, your husband and for your precious babies. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. God bless!

  2. I really can't get enough of your blogs. I really hope that with everything that you have gone through that the rest is smooth sailing. My thoughts are with you :)

    Jaclynn :)

  3. First of all congrats for handling all this with such grace. I know it is tough.

    Having been on bedrest for months at a time, with 3 premies and hundreds of hours in NICU. I really do understand.

    I saw your post about " Someday ", life really will be more normal someday ;-) ( maybe by the time these little bundles are 40ish LOL )

    Hang in there, you and yours are in my thoughts !!!!

  4. Woohoo 19 weeks and counting! You are doing a great job baking those little beans Lo. Can't wait to hear an update (and maybe some pics of our little nieces and nephew :) )

  5. Lauren & Josh, thank for keeping us informed. I look forward to seeing your blog every day. We will continue to pray until your babies and you are healty and safe.
    Eric & Bonnie

  6. I just know that you and the little ones will be great. You are such a strong person and I really admire you! Josh is your rock & you have so many friends and family who love you and who are here for you.