Friday, March 27, 2009

updated profile

As you may have noticed, I posted pictures of our babies to the right below "Our Story".  Josh modified the pictures that he took of them the night they were born.  These pictures are all we have of the babies besides a few that the nurses took for us.  I am going to use these in the shadow boxes that I'm making for each of the babies as well.  I already have a spot picked out in the new house to put them.

All the love and support from others continues to amaze us, so I wanted to share some of the nice things that people have done for us recently...

Our good friends, Mike, Allison, Matt, Kelly, Mark, and Lesli recently got me a pair of custom made earrings with the baby's birthstones on them.  They laughed when they gave them to me, because they already had arranged to have these earrings made when Lesli saw my post about the other pair that was made for me. How ironic that they both had the same idea!  I love them both, and as you can see they look very different.  Thanks again guys!

Josh and I used to work together at the same company, Bond Medical.  To our surprise, they put together some donations for us! Lee organized it all, and we thank him for his thoughtfulness.  This time has been difficult for us, but knowing we have the support of people like you all certainly helps. We thank you again from the bottom our hearts!

The cards and flowers keep coming in on a daily basis too.  The dinning room table has been taken over by all the cards.  I enjoy reading all the kind words people write to us.  I like to grab one and re-read it when I pass by the table.

The hospital made us 4 memory boxes that contain different mementos for the babies.  This is Rylan's.  It has his little tiny hat in it that he wore, his outfit, and a little heart shaped pillow that he laid with.  TGH really went above and beyond for us.  We never expected to be sent home with such a nice way to remember our babies by.

Another huge blessing was the funeral home (Whitfield Funeral Home) that I selected.  I first called them when we lost Heidi, and they agreed to pick her up and do the cremation at no charge.  Then, a few weeks later I called them about the others and they offered to do the same for us.  They never charged us a thing, and that was a huge relief for us with all that was going on.  

Our good friends, Dave and Jean also surprised us with a very thoughtful gesture.  They organized a mass in memory of the babies at their church.  It will be on April 7th at 6pm, so if anyone is interested in coming, please email us by clicking here, and we'll send you all the details.  


  1. So sweet of your friends! We are still praying for you!!

  2. Lauren,
    I think of you and your sweet babies often. They are all beautiful. Glad to see you're hanging in there and getting out some. I don't know how you handled bedrest so well. You are an inspiration to me right now. Know you were so strong for your babies.

    Continued thoughts and prayers,
    Ann marie Kolkhorst

  3. There are tears in my eyes for you. I love the ways you and Josh are honoring your babies' memories! We send our love.

    Hannah, Kris and the boys

  4. Wow I am very impressed by people and how they have helped and comforted you..

    Those pictures are so perfect, I love them! It just gives me chills just seeing how beautiful they are. I just want to lean over and kiss the computer screen.. XOXO

    Thank you so much for the update, I have been thinking of you.

  5. The pictures are so beautiful. It's wonderful that so many people have reached out to let you know they care. Seeing the pictures really made me feel your loss even more...they are just so precious. It's hard to know what to pray, but I'm praying for peace and hope for a wonderful future. You seem like such an amazing couple.


  6. Thanks so much for the update. I pray for you guys often. Love the pics of your beautiful babies. I have a photo book I made for my girls (identical twins stillborn in July due to TTTS), and it is just wonderful to look at their pictures. It gives me a lot of comfort. I'm so glad that you have these pictures to remember your sweet babies. Praying for you in the months and weeks ahead. Sending you support from out here in California. (((hugs)))

  7. Lauren,

    I have followed your blog for a whilr and my heart breaks for you. I wanted to tell you that your children are beautiful. You have four beautiful angels watching over you.


  8. Lauren,
    They are truly beautiful. Seeing the loving tribute on your blog fills my eyes with tears. What special babies... What a special Mama... Thank you for trusting us with your heart and your little Green Beans. You ALL inspire me.

  9. Howdy Lauren,

    In spite of the tragedy you and Josh have been through, it is so amazing to me the love and faith, and even the hope that you two share about each other on both of your blogs.

    My husband and I have been trying for some time to get pregnant, and will be eventually going through Invitro. Your story definitally brings forth what it means to be a parent, and a loving mother, which you will always be.

    Brien and I would like to send you and Josh something to show you our own grief over the loss of your angels, and to help give you hope through these rough days. If you could please send me an address at my private email: , I would deeply appreciate it.

    With our love and prayers,

    Kayla and Brien.

  10. your babies are so beautiful...thank you for sharing. i know it's not easy.

    hang in are on my heart and mind daily.

  11. I'm new to your story and it has touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your journey with your babies with us. You and your husband are very special people. God bless.

  12. Lauren,
    As hard as this time is I am very happy that so many people have come thru for you and Josh to help you thru this. I know you will treasure those pictures forever. I want you to know I think of and pray for you and Josh often.


  13. Soo sweet!
    Our sons name is rylan too but spelled rhylan :D

  14. Beautiful babies! I am so sorry for the loss of your 4 little angels. They are all so lovely.

    Please know we are sending prayers!

  15. Dear Green's,
    My heart and prayers are with you. Your children were precious treasures. We lost twin boys at 22 1/2weeks. It's been ten years and a lot of ups and downs. Like you I wanted to focus on helping others who had also experienced a loss. I would love to talk with you more. If you're interested you can contact me at
    Praying for you!

  16. Lauren-

    Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with all of us. I continue to pray for your family.


  17. Hi, Lauren,

    I have posted comments before - both before and after you and Josh delivered your beautiful babies. You have been an inspiration for a while and especially so in the past week. I found your site while on bed rest with triplets (nine + weeks), and I return now, a week after we delivered our triplets at 17 weeks, 2 days. I hurt so bad, I cannot even say, but I think you know. Thank you for sharing what you have - your experience, your grief, your hope, your beautiful little ones. Hope, Adam, and Charlie have joined them in heaven, and like you and Josh, Pete and I look forward to meeting them one day soon. Just wanted to say thanks and that you guys are still in my prayers.


  18. The pictures are so beautiful, we can all tell how much they are loved. My heart is with you and Josh and you are all in my prayers.

  19. o how my heart physically aches for you and your husband. your babies are just precious beautiful..still praying for the 6 of ya'll.