Sunday, April 26, 2009

laundry room

I can't believe it's 3 o'clock already!  Today is flying by because I've been so busy with Spring Cleaning and doing some packing for our upcoming move!  I saw that Traci did a deep cleaning on her Laundry Room this week, so that motivated me to start there too.  My Laundry Room gets neglected.  It's the room where we just leave things that don't really have an official place to be put away. Here's my unorganized and cluttered Laundry Room before...

And, the Laundry Room after.  All better :)

I even went as far as planning out our dinners for this week, and then writing them on the whiteboard in the Laundry Room!  That is a first.

It feels so good to get organized for the week before Monday is here!  Now, I just need to finish up a few more things, and then I can take a nap!!  I love Sundays.

Hope you all have a good rest of your day!


  1. Well, you rock! Dinners are even planned out?! Just let me know what time to be there! Kidding!

  2. Woohoo looks lovely!
    Dinner planning is part of the kitchen spring cleaning :) You are ahead of the game.
    Cute kids on your bulletin board :)

  3. That's funny Lauren! It seems you and I both had the same idea today. Spring cleaning! You cleaned your laundry room, my hubs & I tackled our garage. It was a disaster! After 4 hours of blood, sweat and tears it's spotless and my suv fits inside! It's feels great to get big projects like these done! :) I wish I would have taken a before and after snapshot. That was very bloggy of you!

  4. Wow, your "before" looks like my house right after the cleaning ladies get done. Your "after"? Well, that's an impossible dream around here.

  5. You Rock!!! Can you plan out my dinners?

  6. Wow!! Can I bring you to VA to help clean our house? Glad you had a productive, as well as relaxing weekend.

  7. looks great...and steak quesadillas sound soooo good right now!