Monday, January 18, 2010

Tune up

Notice anything different??

I added buttons to the top of my page.  The super cool thing about them is that I made them!  Josh taught me a little about Photoshop and html, so I designed them and installed it on my blog!  So, if you ever drop by and just want to look up a recipe or a project or something, just try the button at the top.

Now that I know I can do some little things like that, I want to try more!  So, I’m sure I will be coming up with new stuff in the near future.

While I was fixing up my blog, I also decided to update the ‘My Story’ piece on the right side…

Welcome to my life… Over the past year it has been flipped upside down. I am 29 years old, and married to my hubby of two years, Josh. We have 4 beautiful angel babies, who are fondly known as our “Green Beans”. The first of my quads, Heidi, held on as long as she could and was born on January 31, 2009 after pPROMing at 17 weeks. A few weeks later, I pPROM’d with my sweet Lily. Lily, Paige, and Rylan were all born at 22 weeks on February 23, 2009. Just after being released from the hospital empty handed, I returned with a high fever and infection. Two of the nights I spent in the hospital that week, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was the sickest and most hopeless I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure my diagnosis was a broken heart.

No one will ever understand why this happened to us. We are so deserving of a child to live with us here on earth, and I have high hopes that it will happen for us one day soon. After all I’ve been though, I came out of this having a better appreciation for life.

My life now consists of dealing with the ups and downs a tragedy like this brings. I get though every day by staying close to Josh, friends and family, blogging, and relying on God that my future will be bright. All the love and support I’ve gotten has greatly helped me manage……I am alive and well, and want to be my absolute best as a result of this. I hope to make the best of this situation, and to help others who will experience a similar loss.


  1. Lauren,

    I love the new buttons- awesome work! Even more than that, I love your new bio. It is beautiful. You are definitely an inspiration to me in my own grief journey. (((hugs)))


  2. Love the new buttons! Great job on doing that yourself!

  3. Lauren, your blog is wonderful! It's so heartfelt! The buttons were a great idea!

  4. Little Mrs. Fabulous, you just get more fabulous! Love your new buttons, how great is that! I always admire how you are so willing to do new things and your will to remember your babies while going forward with your life. I applaud your efforts, as it takes such hard work, dilligence and strength :)

    I've never told you this, but I can remember reading one of your posts when I was in the deep throws of grief and you said something that I have never forgotten. You said "I'm not going to cling to every little date". Reading those words seemed to liberate me, as I was clinging to dates and felt guilty not to. You helped me to give myself permission to move forward and I am healing, which feels so good :) Thank you for helping me to help myself.

    Much Love to You and I admire your Grace.


  5. You nav bar looks great!! And I love your bio! Great job!

  6. big ginormous hugs to you!!! and congrats on the buttons!


  7. Your new bio brought tears to my eyes! And you're right, you are incredibly deserving of a child to live with you here on Earth. I'll keep saying my prayers for you guys, as I always do.

    And I am incredibly impressed with your new Photoshop skills.. I may need to hire you to help me!! My blog is so lame & generic at the moment!!

    Anyway, I love you with all my heart & want nothing but the best for you! You know I'm always here for you in any way you need me!!

  8. Nice work on the buttons!

    Love the new profile description too. I think it tells your story perfectly. Kuddos.

  9. I love the new buttons sweet heart, you are very inspirational and I am praying for you daily!