Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Lanai Project

It recently dawned on me that our lanai was in need of a little revamping. We spend so much of our time out there, and eat the majority of our meals there.  It’s right off our Living Room, so even when we aren’t outside, we can see it through the sliding glass doors, so it is really important to me to make it look nice and finished.

I started off by getting new plants.  I neglected to water the plants I had out there before, so they were all dead or dying.  It was really pathetic, but I left it like that for months.  The single stick of a palm tree had to go!  I also planets one pot with herbs that I often use when cooking.  Here’s the pot with Parsley, Mint, and Basil.


This centerpiece isn’t new at all, but it’s something I put together with random odds and ends.  It’s just one of those pot bases with candles and rocks.  It’s super simple and makes for a great patio centerpiece.


We finished off the room with a new outdoor rug that I got from Ikea.  Adding the rug made such a difference.


Here’s a nice shot I got of the last of the Easter Lily blooms from this season.



  1. sooo pretty! looks so pulled together and classic. the rug is such a nice touch. great work!!!


  2. i love ikea. you make me feel inspired to do one of the 1800 projects i have in mind for our house! :)

  3. I love it! I cant wait to see your whole house in person. It looks so damn cute!

  4. Martha would be proud!!!

    Love that you love your home so much :)


  5. Looks great! Love the Easter Lily; so beautiful!