Saturday, June 5, 2010

How To Make Your Husband Happy

Want to know the secret to making your husband happy??



Buy him a recliner.  I did!


For an early birthday gift, I surprised Josh with a recliner for his office.  It wasn’t my first pick of furniture, but I knew it was what he wanted.  I went shopping for it one afternoon and found the perfect chocolate leather recliner that seemed really comfy to me.  The sales guy was able to take it out of the box and fit the two pieces into the back of my car.  When I got home, I unloaded it myself, and then realized that I’d need my Dad to help me get it up the stairs and set up.  By the time Josh got home that evening I had everything set up, so when went up to his office, he discovered his recliner!

After trying out the recliner in his office, he decided that he wanted more of a love seat sized couch in his office and he’d prefer to have the recliner in the Living Room.  Ugh!  So… we moved the new recliner back downstairs to try it out in the Living Room.  Needless to say, he thought it looked great in the Living Room and was REALLY happy with it.

I was never a big fan of recliners.  I don’t like the big overstuffed look, but I guess it’s not so bad.  What matters is that he’s happy with his new recliner and that I was actually able to buy him something that he liked! 


In conclusion – buying your husband a recliner is a simple gesture and I promise you, he will love it!  It’s a small price to pay! :)

I should also mention that I’m really enjoying the recliner too… I’m blogging from it right now!

Happy Birthday, Babe!  I love you lots!!


  1. Hah, hah!! I REALLY hope Kris does not see this post. He has been wanting a recliner for ever. While I don't mind him having one, you may have set the bar a little high for me...

    I love the first picture. Josh's face totally says, "Take the picture, hon. I'm humoring you, but don't push it."

  2. I love my recliner. Its not as nice as this one though. Happy birthday to your hubby.

  3. Lauren,

    I am laughing as I type...Nicholas and I had the "to recline or not recline" talk countless times. And, being a designer I won every time! But, let me reassure you of this, every man WANTS to "trick out his chair" :)

    Fastforward to 5 years of marriage and a move to Europe. The sea freight container was sitting in my driveway and packers were in my house and I caved in a bit. I went to a friends design shoppe and bought hubby a chocolate distressed leather club chair...well, sort of, as it's better known as a press back chair. That is right, you lean back and the foot rest pop's out! I had officialy purchased an...eeeekkkkk, recliner!

    Guess what, we fight over that chair! Our Portugese diplomat friend loved taking naps in that, as you say, whatever makes them happy!

    ENJOY!!! and Happy Birthday Josh!

  4. ps my point in the diplomat loving coming to our house to nap in this chair...there are no recliners in Europe. So, if you don't want your hubby to have a recliner...move to Belgium!!! LOL

  5. I've been trying to find ideas for Father's day! And i never thought of a recliner! But I think its a great idea and i'm totally going to give on as a fathers day gift!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. awww- you are such a good wife! i'm glad he loves it! it's a good looking chair! :-)

  7. What a great gift! I love how you both surprise each other too! Hope your having a great day! And Happy Birthday Josh!

  8. you are a great wife! but i am not at all sorry that we don't have any room for a recliner like that and i will be sure my hubby doesn't see this post! ha!

  9. From a husband's point of view, a recliner is AWESOME!!! Allison, do you see this?

  10. My husband wants a recliner SO BAD. I was really glad the furniture that we picked out for our new house didn't have a matching one though, because he rocks in them like an old lady and it drives me CRAZY!!!

  11. Ooooo that recliner looks niiiice!

  12. You made me laugh - this is exactly what happened at our house! We bought it for his office and pretty soon it had migrated to the living room. I have to admit I love sitting in it as much as it doesn't fit in.