Saturday, August 14, 2010

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane…

No wait, it’s Josh!!




My crazy husband decided that going sky diving just once wasn’t enough, so, he and Tom went this weekend to celebrate their very belated birthdays.  We’ve been trying to schedule a time to go for the past two months, and today finally worked out for everyone.  Lo and I watched safely from the ground, as Josh went on his second tandem jump and Tom did his first.  We all had a BLAST! 




They got all suited up in this very attractive jump gear.  I think teal is Josh’s color, don’t you?


On their harness is a altimeter which tracks their elevation.  When this baby gets up to 13,000 feet, you jump! 


During their jump, they had a free fall for about 60 seconds and during that time, dropped about 7,000 feet.  After that, it’s smooth sailing; the parachute is pulled and you get to coast the rest of the way down and enjoy the view.

They each had an easy landing, and felt great when they landed!  We were so happy to see our men safely on the ground!!

   IMG_9897       IMG_9894

Good job guys!  Happy belated Birthdays!IMG_9893


  1. If that's not male bonding at its best I don't know what is!

    Happy Birthday to Josh and Tom :)

    Ps Josh was definately the fashionista rocking the teal jump suit!

    Have a great week sweet friend

  2. Looks like they had FUN! Happy belated birthday to Josh.

  3. Looks like Josh's suit was very "secure" in certain areas... :) Everyone looks very happy, good job fellas!

  4. That's awesome! I bet it's an amazing feeling!