Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Blog Posts from This Week

*The Anniversary Invite

Josh and I keep track of everything on our calendars.  From our business appointments, to a party at a friend’s house, to reminders for when our dogs need their monthly flea meds.  We truly live by our calendars.  Sending each other Outlook invites is one of our ways of communication – if we send each other a calendar invite and the other “accepts” then we know that we are aware of the upcoming event and will be attending.  Its just a habit and it works very well for us.

I wanted to share the most recent meeting invite that Josh sent to me…Since our third anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, Josh made all of the arrangements and sent me the invite no differently…

dinner invite 

Isn’t he romantic??  I got an Outlook invite sent to me stating we are going to Charles Steakhouse for dinner for our anniversary.  Can’t wait!


* “License and Registration, please…”

We have probably all heard that line before.  

I got pulled over this week, BUT this cute little girl, Romie, totally got me out of my ticket!


As I was rushing off to drop the dogs off at the groomers, I had Romie in her carrier and buckled in to the passenger’s seat.  When I was pulled over (for going 20 mph over the speed limit), the cop came over to the passenger’s side to come talk to me.  She immediately got side tracked from what she was about to say when she saw Romie sitting there.  Instead of the typical… “Do you know how fast you were going…” speech, she said, “Awe, look at the puppy!”  She was petting her as she talked to me.  She ended up just giving me a warning!  I’m pretty sure I have Romie to thank for getting me out of that one! :)


*Dancing With The Stars!

I’m planning a trip to California!  I’ll be headed out there in a couple weeks to first see my sister and then to meet my friends, Devon & Erika!  It’s going to be a week full of fun girl time!  One of the highlights of the trip is that we are going to attend a live Dancing With The Stars show thanks to Erika’s hookups!!  I cannot wait!  I will definitely be blogging about my trip once I get back!




  1. oh that's adorable!! I wish my calender loved his calender as much as I love mine!

    One time I had my chihuahua's in the car with me and they got me out of a ticket from a state trooper. :)

  2. Good ole Romie!
    Josh is quite the romantic :) Have a great time with everything. Love ya!

  3. Hehe, Andrew and I function based on calendar invites, too. :-)

    Have a great week!

  4. oh my! i love you cute! and happy (almost) anniversary!

    and woohoo - can't wait for your cali trip!!!!!

  5. So fun! Can't wait to hear about DWTHS!

    Glad you got out of the ticket - Romi earned herself a little filet minion with that one.

  6. You guys should switch to Google Calendars, what if one of your companies moves to **GASP** Lotus Notes?!?!?!

    Yeah Romie is pretty cute, you should keep her...and as for DWTS I'd rather go see The Price is Right, but to each his/her own. :)

  7. You guys are so cute with your technology! You'll have to let me know what you think of Charlies... I'm curious as to how their steaks compare to Berns.

    And who couldn't fall in love with sweet little Romes at first sight! I miss that gal lots!!

    That is SO cool that you'll get to see DWTS live!!! How lucky!!

  8. At least he plans things for you! Dan hasn't planned anything in 6 years w/o me begging for a date!

  9. WOW! Really?! How fun!! I bet DWTS tickets are the hottest thing in Hollywood!! I can't wait to read your posts from your upcoming adventure!!

  10. Glad Romie got you out of that speeding ticket too!