Monday, October 11, 2010

Trip to the Doggie ER

Boy, did we have an interesting Saturday night! We were having a relaxing evening watching a movie upstairs in the Bonus Room.  Josh decided to go downstairs to refill his drink and found the dogs devouring a prescription pill bottle!

The Mystery:

Disintegrated bottle of Prevacid and no pills left to be found.


That bottle may have been child-proof but it wasn’t doggie proof!

The Suspects:

Seven and Romie.

                     1          20

But who did it?  Who ate the pills?  And most importantly, are they going to be okay???

When Josh saw this, he immediately called the Vet Hospital.  They told us to come in for an exam and to see how this can be treated.  When we got there we were instructed to call the Animal Poison Control Hotline* to get advice from a toxicologist on the treatment plan.  The exam showed that they were both stable, and they were acting pretty normal except for the fact that they were very nervous to be at the vet. 

The Vet and Toxicologist determined that Prevacid is probably the least harmful prescription medication that a dog could ingest.  (THANK GOD!!)   They didn’t ingest enough for it to be really harmful, so further treatment wasn’t needed.  Before we left the Doggie ER they were given an anti-nausea shot and we were instructed to keep an eye on them.  For the next 3-5 days we have to watch to see if they pass any parts of the pill bottle. 

IMG_0301 When we got home the dogs were exhausted!  Romie was happy to go to bed and get some shuteye.  I, on the other hand, was a very concerned Mommy, and slept on the couch downstairs to be near them.  I checked on them often, and luckily, they both had a good night’s sleep and seem to have felt even better in the morning!

I’m soooo thankful for my little Seven and Romie.  They are irreplaceable!


**** Please add the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline number into your phone. You never know when you’ll need it.  ASPCA (888) 426-4435 *****


  1. Oh wow! That's so scary! Glad your puppies are ok!

  2. Those bottles are NOT doggie proof, mine had an empty one the other day and tore it to pieces, thank goodness it was empty! So glad your fur babies are ok!

  3. Wow, thank goodness they're ok! Poor pups. Man, I'd hat to pass a piece of that bottle!

  4. Glad they were OK...we have been at the vet's way too much lately! Glad your outcome was better than ours!!!

  5. Thank God that the girls are okay! What a scare.. See, they're saying, "Mom, that'll teach you for keeping us downstairs while you have fun in the sprawling bonus room!"

    Oh, and I miss you lots! We need an Auntie Lo Lo fix STAT!