Wednesday, December 15, 2010

18 Week Update – Special Edition!

I am so, so thankful to be at this point in my pregnancy without any complications!  What a difference carrying one baby is compared to four!  I am 18 weeks and realize that I still have a loooong way to go, but I do want to take a moment to recognize what I am so thankful for.

For starters, I am mobile!  Looking back to how I was 18 weeks pregnant with the Green Beans, I am so much better off.  I can still fully enjoy my life right now and I am not bed ridden.  I am so thankful for that!  I try to remember that when I’m doing laundry, dishes, or vacuuming.  Those are some things that I couldn’t do throughout my pregnancy before, and I actually missed it very much!  I remember just missing going to the fridge to get my own meal and not having to rely on someone else for everything.  For months, I didn’t even know what food we had in the fridge.  Little things like that are so easy to take for granted.

I can work!  I am able to be up and about and plan ahead for future meetings at work.  I get to wear my cute maternity work dresses and sport my belly in public.  Last time, I hardly got to wear any of my maternity work clothes because by the time I fit in them, I was pretty much already on complete bed rest.  Below, are some of my recent purchases.  I love these dresses… they look so cute with tights and boots.  This cardigan is great too… it doesn’t look “maternity-ish” and fits great.  I wear it with slacks and flats and I’m comfy all day at work.

maternity1        maternity3maternity2

Another HUGE blessing is that there are no complications in sight.  We are taking a super conservative approach to this pregnancy, and so far, my cervix is holding up perfectly!  By 18 weeks with the Green Beans, I was already hospitalized and Heidi’s sack had already ruptured. 

18 weeks_1        On hospital bed rest around 18 weeks in Jan. 2009

There’s always that fear that once I write a post like this that things will start to go downhill.  That’s not going to happen this time!  Taylor and I are in God’s hands and He’s in control.  We WILL get to May 2011 STILL pregnant and have a HEALTHY baby that month.  I BELIEVE it.



  1. I believe it and I'm praying for it!


  2. yay!!! i BELIEVE it, too!!!! (((hugs)))

  3. This post made me smile so big! I believe it too! Lots of love and hugs and prayers and all good things for you both!

  4. yes, you will!!!

    by the way, where did you get the clothes? love the cardigan. i will be needing some soon myself!

  5. YAAAAYYYY! I so Believe it! You look great too by the way!

  6. You WILL get through this! I am praying for you and Josh and the little green bean!! And you do look fabulous! Make sure to take some update pictures in your new purchases!!

  7. God is good and I know He's gonna bless you with this baby! You'll get there! we'll keep praying

    E x

  8. I was so happy to read this update. Glad things are going well and that you're in good spirits. Praying and believing...

  9. Hurray for 18 weeks!!!!

    Another great milestone honey and how incredibly wonderful :)

    The maternity clothes are super cute and I'm sure you look like a million bucks in them! Continue to live in the moment and enjoy every ounce of Taylor.

    May is going to be here before we know it!

    Continued love and prayers always

  10. Yay for 18 weeks! I DO believe that you won't be welcoming your sweet baby until May, so until then, continue to enjoy your pregnancy, and get lots of rest! I'm thinking and praying for you!

    And you new clothes are too cute! :)

  11. I so hope for you!! I'm glad to see you appreciate the little things, so many people don't. I'll put you in my prayers lauren.
    I found you from Ashley's blog- Nolan & baby CC's mommy! You are great, hope you don't mind me visiting your blog too. Feel free to join me in my journey after loss and my hope-to-be soon journey to a rainbow @

  12. Love the dresses! Still haven't sent Taylor's Christmas present. On my to do list for tomorrow.

  13. You look beautiful, and I know this Taylor is going to be born strong and healthy!