Friday, January 21, 2011

A Week of Random Pics

This week, I took at least 1 picture from my iPhone everyday to document my week.  They are pretty random, but here it goes…

mondayI am in love with fruit these days!  I’ve had a major sweet tooth through this pregnancy, so fruit has been my healthy snack of choice lately!  I still like to indulge in the occasional ice cream sandwich in the evenings, but sometimes I can get by with one (or two) of these fruit cups!

fruit cup1

TuesdayI got carried away with cleaning up my office on Tuesday evening and ended up re-organizing the drawers of my desk!  I love a tidy drawer where I can find anything I need and I love throwing unused things away.  I probably threw away 100 pens that didn’t even work any more.


WednesdayLook what we did on Wednesday…


We put together the CRIB!  It’s surreal having this in our house. 

ThursdayJosh spotted this little cook book in the check out line at the grocery store recently and had to have it!  He asked me to start on page 1 and make every dish in the book!  Ha!

So, on Thursday Mike & Allison came over for dinner and we tried out the first recipe in the book ~ Cashew Beef with a marinated cucumber salad.  It turned out really good!



on Thursday we got these super special 3D pictures of our little Taylor.  It’s so fun to get a sneak peak at what she’s going to look like. 

012011_3 012011_4 012011_2


oliviajoy hobo I just got notification that this stylin’ Olivia + Joy hobo that I ordered has finally shipped!  I can’t wait to get it!  This purse was featured on The Today Show’s – Steals and Deals segment for 80% OFF!  It was originally $98, but I got it for $19!!



  1. I think she looks like you and the purse is so fun!!

  2. The crib looks great!! Can't wait to see it filled with her bedding!

  3. I'm all about fruit right now too, but I'm usually a sweet tooth-aholic! I'm addicted to cuties right now (the mandarin orange/tangerine things) ate four last night and am working on my forth right now! Figure it's better than candy!! :)

    So excited you have the crib!

    Your pics are the BEST ones I've seen ever, you can completely see her and they are soooo clear!!! Congrats on such a cutie!

  4. love her crib and of course, little miss is adorable!!!

    and a $19 purse -- i'm jealous!! so cute!

  5. I craved nothing but fruit with my first one whos 4 now but it was summer time and idk just the juicy fruit was so yummy.

    It's a pretty crib I love white cribs mine of course is brown a light brown but its suitable I had white with my first kiddo so I had to change it up a bit with my son.

    Little Miss Taylor is beautiful like her mommy!! :)

    ....and that purse is really cute $19 is def. a steal im too jealous.

  6. Lauren,

    She's gorgeous! I'm so happy you were able to get the 3D scan photos, as I can't wait for my turn to do the same. Like you, I wonder what little bunny looks like :)

    And congrats on the milestone in setting up your crib! Ours is back ordered, but we are making strides to accomplish some other details.

    I'm lovin' fruit to0 by the way! And cup cakes!!!! Great bag too!

    Much Love