Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Wasted Day

I hate it when I feel that I wasted my day away.  I was unproductive and extremely tired all day.  I can’t figure out if I am just lazy or legitimately tired.  Baby Taylor could be having a growth spurt and that is sucking all the energy out of me.   I spent all day fighting being tired while not accomplishing much.  So frustrating!

It started out with a poor nights sleep.  Taylor’s moves are getting so strong and  so frequent that it felt like she was trying to break out of my uterus all night long.  When 7am rolled around, I wasn’t ready to begin my day.

I got out of the house during lunch time to run some errands.  I thought that would help my energy level, but it didn’t.  Instead, I aimlessly walked around the store in a haze.  I did eventually buy what I went to the store for, but I was very slow about it. 

milkshakeOn the way home, I treated myself to my FIRST milkshake of my pregnancy.  I figured that would perk me up, but it didn’t really work.  It was really tasty, but afterwards I felt too full and like a fat pig.  Taylor liked it though! :)

romie2 I’m not going to fight my tiredness anymore today.  I’ll be spending the evening on the comfy recliner with my laptop.  I’ve got Romie by my side and I’ll watch some TV.  Hopefully Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight. 

Yay for tomorrow being Friday!  It WILL be a better day!



  1. Don't beat yourself up about it... your body needs rest & then you'll be back to your energetic self! Rest all you can now b/c once Taylor is on the outside, she won't care if you're tired & needing a nap! (After my 1/2 day with Cam yesterday, I started to fall asleep on the floor while he played & each time I started to doze, he woke me up!)

  2. Wow! first milkshake?? Did you really just say that? You are a superstar mama! I indulged in my first pregnancy....I ate whatever sounded great...even my most hated things like Mc cheese burgers! With the all that I have learned I wont be going as far as fast food again since I'm high risk but it honestly doesn't hurt to enjoy something along with rest for a while. :)

  3. You've been doing great this whole pregnancy. Guess your body thought you needed a little break which is totally fine. We all need to rest every now and then:)

  4. Lauren,

    I say ditto! I hate unproductive days I have so much to do. This week, there have been 2 days that I felt like a zombie, fought the fatigue and finally gave in and went and took a nap. Body and baby were saying they had enough :) Just give in when the fatigue strikes, as it just compounds.

    A milkshake sounds good!!! I may treat little bunny to one soon :)

    Many HUGS

  5. your dog is TOO CUTE!

    I love your blog too! Can't wait to follow you:)


  6. Rest when your body tells to rest mama if your body says sleep then sleep.....your entitled to it. Milkshake {{nom nom nom}} and your dog is super cute