Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taylor’s Dedication

This past Sunday, Taylor was dedicated at church.  I got Taylor all dolled up for the occasion.  She wore tights and shoes for the first time!  That bib had to stay on until she got through the actual dedication.  I sure a major spit up or blow out would happen before everyone could see her in her pretty dress.
At our church we dedicate children instead of baptizing them.  We dedicate them to a life of knowing and following Jesus.  Once they are old enough to make their own decisions, they can chose to get baptized when they are ready. 
Our pastor did an awesome job of incorporating our Green Beans into the service.  It was so meaningful to us.  We released four balloons in their memory.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the congregation.  I know I was trying hard to fight back the tears.  I never take for granted our little miracle baby that we now have in our arms.
    IMG_3745-1   IMG_3744-1
After church, we all headed over to our house for a party!  I had quite the spread prepared for our guests, complete with The Pioneer Woman’s Sangria (dangerous!), and her Corn Salad which was de-lish!  To keep things simple, we ordered a bunch of sandwiches from Publix too.  I decorated the house with pink flowers and pictures of Tay…
IMG_3699          IMG_3700
I also finally got around to framing a bunch of her newborn prints.  I completed our “family” wall and put her picture next to the Green Bean’s shadow boxes that I made.
Anyway… back to the party! 
Here I am with my girlie friends. 
Kelly & Allison are both expecting GIRLS in a couple months!    Taylor is going to have lots of little girlfriends to play with soon.  I can’t wait!
We so enjoyed having everyone there to celebrate Taylor’s special day!  These were great memories that I look forward to sharing with Baby Tay.
IMG_3868 IMG_3772-1


  1. Congratulations on Taylor's dedication. What a special day! I love how the Green Beans were incorporated into the service. The picture of the 3 of you looking upwards brought tears to my eyes. I know the Green beans will NEVER be replaced, but I am so happy that Taylor is here to bring a smile back to your faces.

    Continued love and prayers...

  2. Congratulations Taylor! What a special day :)

  3. Love those pictures- especially that first one! What an awesome day it was! Very thankful to have the Green's as a part of the Suncoast!

  4. taylor is beautiful! and i think it is so amazing that your pastor remembered your green beans. so touching!!

    i hope one day i can come out and party with ya'all -- miss ya much!!

  5. Sweet pictures! What a special day for y'all!

  6. What a special day for you all! Taylor's Dedication & a tribute to the Green Beans!? Reading this blog brought tears to my eyes, you all have been through so much!

  7. Love this post! Baby dedications are the best! Your minister was amazing for the advance thinking (& the color coordination) on the beans. Love that! You go to a great church! Tay is getting prettier by the day!-meaning that she is looking more and more like her mother every day;) Love you guys!
    Lauren b (pounds)

  8. We had a great time as always & loved sharing Taylor's special day with you guys!! Love you!