Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Mindless Mommy Babble

Hmmmm… What to blog about?? 
Oh, I know!
What ever did I blog about before this precious child entered my life??
Here are just some random things I’ve been meaning to blog about…
  • To get some more use out of Taylor’s newborn clothes, I started repurposing her NB dresses as tops.  A baby dress + baby jeans = an adorable little outfit!

It works out great because it’s been really hard for me to put away the clothes that she’s out grown already, so this way I don’t have to!  So many of those NB dresses were only worn once, if that!
  • Last week at Taylor’s school was “Favorite Sports Team Day”, so Daddy proudly dressed her as a little Bears fan.  I insisted on adding the bow so that people wouldn’t mistake her for a little boy that day. 

  • The bow that Taylor is wearing (above) is one of a few that I made.  I am not the crafty-bow-maker-type, but I did whip a few of these up for Taylor and the other little Bear’s fan babies that we know. 
  •  Taylor is one lucky girl to have lots of little friends and many more on the way!  We recently had a fun play date with Brooks.  He’s 1 month older than Taylor had it is so much fun watching them start to interact with each other!  Don’t they kind of look alike?
  • Yesterday after I picked Taylor up from school I took her for a long walk.  She got all comfy and fell asleep in this pose.  I just had to snap a picture.  It was too cute!
  • Having a baby girl is the absolute best because I can do things like this!
Who can resist those chubby little feet?


  1. man, i wish i could photograph that cutie pie!!!

  2. She's so beautiful! I also love following you on Instagram :).

  3. I love my boys, but am a little jealous. Somehow I don't think Kris would appreciate me painting any toe nails in this house other than my own.

  4. Love the pictures! She is just too cute!

  5. She is gorgeous and her toes...oh my cuteness!

  6. That Taylor is one cutie pie! I can't wait until Reese gets to wear her Bears bows!!! You're getting all Martha Stewart on me, Lauren!! And I love it!

  7. Lauren,

    We have never met, but I too am the Momma to a preemie. I am starting a new project, I would love fellow Mommy support. I love the Lord and I am praying for your family. God Bless you and your lovely daughter. I love your blog!