Sunday, April 1, 2012

It’s ELMO!!

It’s been so cute to watch Taylor start to recognize and show a liking to certain characters.  I always liked Sesame Street as a kid, so I record it now and she enjoys watching it some afternoons.  Busch Gardens has a whole Sesame Street section in it, so my parents and I took Taylor there one morning to catch the Elmo Show!! 


It was hilarious to watch, as these kids cheered the characters on like they were big celebrities!  Even Taylor joined in on the excitement and clapped and screamed for them!  She got a few high-fives from Grover and Elmo too!  Having a kid sure does bring out the kid in me again! :)  Who would of thought waking up early on a Saturday morning to go to Sesame Street land would be my top choice of things to do?  Yep, well it is and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Happy Weekend, All!

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  1. So adorable!! Glad you both had a great time! It is always so much fun when you get to experience things you enjoyed during your childhood with a little one! :)

  2. so very sweet! you look great and little Taylor is growing up so quickly! she is precious@!

  3. The truth is the reason we have kids is so that inner child can come out and we have an excuse.

  4. We love going to BG with you guys!! I can't believe lil Tay May is almost ONE!!!

  5. Girl, you look FANTASTIC! Taylor is absolutely adorbs - duh! What a fun day for you both:)