Monday, May 14, 2012

It’s Good to be 1!

Taylor has been thriving and blossoming into a beautiful little toddler lately.  She is so much fun to be with and changing daily!  I still just stare at her in complete amazement.  Since she’s turned one, she has been leading quite an exciting life….

For starters, she’s of legal golf cart driving age at The Farm!  Check this girl out!  She is serious about her driving!


Taylor has graduated to the 1 Year Old room at school.  This is a BIG deal!  She has new teachers, some new friends, and they eat their meals together at little tables, and nap on cots everyday from 12-2!  How these teachers get 6 one year olds to all nap on cots at the same time blows my mind, but they do! 


Also, in her new class, they eat all table foods.  She feeds herself, tries using a spoon, and drinks from a Sippy cup.  She’s down to just a morning and night bottle…. sniff sniff!  My baby is growing up!  She devours everything put in front of her even though she still only has two (almost three) little teeth!  The other morning I made her an Eggo waffle for breakfast, and before I could tear it up into tiny pieces, she grabbed it and ate it whole!  She doesn’t mess around with food.


One of the biggest changes in her lately has been the swim lessons she’s started.  She is the youngest by probably 8 months or so in her class, and it is amazing to see this tiny little person responding to commands and learning what is being taught!  It amazes me that a baby can understand what you tell them and comprehend it!  We tell her to kick her legs and she starts kicking, we tell her to paddle her arms and she paddles.  We guide her to the wall of the pool and she holds herself up on the side.  It is so rewarding watching her learn and enjoy herself!


Here she is relaxing after a long day at the pool.

I just have to end with this sweet picture…papa

This is my sweet Papa, who we now fondly call “Old Papa”.  There is a 90 year age difference between these two and they still laugh and play games together. It is so fun to watch them interact!  I love that Taylor gets to know her great grandparents.  Papa recently had a little heart scare and diabetes flare-up and spent a few days at the hospital, so one evening after bath time, Taylor and I walked over to welcome Mimi & Papa’s home and for kisses good night.  It was only 7 o’clock, but you know, at these ages, they like to get to bed early! :)  We are so glad to have our Old Papa home and healthy!

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  1. What a sweet photo of Taylor and your grandpa. My lil guy and my grandpa also have a 90 year age difference and very similar nap schedules. It's such a special relationship, one that very few get to experience.

  2. At my son's daycare, they don't transition to the next classroom until 15 months, and they have to have all of the skills you described - self-feeding, sitting a table instead of a high chair, no botles, napping on a mat at a prescribed time instead of a crib on their own schedule. I am worried about my son having to do these things at 15 months (he is 11 months now) seems SO young! How did Taylor handle the transition?

    1. She has transitioned so so well! Its like she is proud of herself for hanging with the big kids now. She was totally ready for the eating and sippy cups, but she adjusted well to the new nap schedule. She's more tired in the evenings but that's okay with mommy because it makes for an early bedtime :) Good luck to your son and his transition! I'm sure he'll do just fine.

  3. Ohhh, that picture of Taylor and your grandfather is just tooooo precious! Can't believe she's a year old already!

  4. What sweet pictures, and memories!

  5. Hi- I just wanted to say that the picture of the baby on the tractor is PRECIOUS. I love it.

  6. Awe, cute post! Love Taylor & your sweet Papa! No kidding, your grandparents are probably the cutest people & cutest couple I have ever met!