Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tay at 13 Months

I know I say this every month, but each month seriously keeps getting better and better with Taylor!  There were certain milestones in her first year that I just loved, but I gotta tell you… 13 months is awesome!  This girl has such a personality, a sense of humor, and is communicating so well!  She’s saying a few words, but it’s more than that; it’s the way she non-verbally communicates with us.  She is doing so well in swim class too.  It’s just amazing to see this little baby responding to the swim commands and showing improvement over the weeks.  It is so exciting to see as a parent.

Taylor’s latest feat is WALKING!  I officially have a walker!!  One afternoon, Mom and I were playing with Taylor out in the grass.  My Grandma came out to join in on the fun and so right as all four generations were there, Taylor started to take her first real steps!  Thanks to my phone always being in my pocket, I was able to catch it all on video!  It was such an exciting time for us!   

Here’s the Four Generations over a year ago before Miss Tay Tay entered the world…

four generations 

Other fun facts about Taylor at 13 months:

  • She wears anywhere from 12 month – 2 T clothes.
  • A size 4 shoe. 

Oh my gosh… baby shoes are SO much fun!  I love picking out her little outfits and completing them with the perfect pair of shoes.  She just recently got this pair from her Auntie Anna!  Awwww!


  • She has 4, going on 6 teeth.  (Two bottom teeth, two top teeth, and a few more coming in.)
  • She eats anything and everything without any problem!  This chick LOVES food!  It is such a joy to see my girl just eat.  She will try anything on my plate.
  • She drinks 2% milk – a bottle in the AM and PM.
  • She still sleeps between 10-12 hours a night.  Hallelujah! :)
  • She takes 1 real nap each day from 12-2 pm, but will catch a few cat naps in the car whenever she can.
  • She’s saying, “Moooo” to the cows, “ruff” to Romie, “Momma” or course :), “Pap” for Papa, “Meee” for Mimi, “Mmmmm” for good food :), “Bath”, “Hi” (when she holds a cell phone up to her ear), “baby” to all pictures of babies, babies that we see, and to her dollies.  She is close to saying a few more things.  She is a chatter box.  We may not be able to understand what’s she’s saying, but she sure has things to tell us!
  • She tries feeding herself with a fork and is successful at it most of the time, and she tries brushing her own hair too after I brush it.
  • She enjoys playing Mommy by pushing her babies around in a baby stroller and by giving her baby a pretend bottle.  So cute to see a little baby play mommy!
  • She loves bathes and anytime in the pool.  She also enjoys swinging and riding in the golf cart.  Likes to watch the cows, but does not want to feed or touch them yet. 

It sure is good to be a 13 month old!  Her life is full of fun, learning, and love!  We couldn’t ask for more.

Being a Mom is the best thing EVER and Taylor is the greatest love of my life.  I am so blessed to have a sweet and easy little girl too!  She is really good to me.

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  1. How do you feel about Taylor Elise now becoming a big sis?!! Wow, I Can't believe Josh is having another kid.

    1. I hope he and his boyfriend are very happy together, so glad they're adopting!

  2. No offense but are you a friend of Lauren's? This just seemed like a poorly thought out comment.

  3. Lauren hope my reply wasn't out of line, just thought it was well an odd comment

  4. Way to go, Taylor! So exciting that you caught it on camera. Don't you love having a blog so you have somewhere to display what she does? She is precious!

  5. Yay Tay!! Before you know it Lauren, she's going to be going everywhere.

  6. She is beautiful. Just out of curiosity (and I am seriously not doubting your mothering skills). My youngest is almost three (on July 8) and when he went off formula he had to be on whole milk until he was two. Our pediatrician said that babies need the fat from whole milk for proper brain development. At two is when we put our son on 2% milk and at 4 is when our pediatrician said we can do fat free. It always bugged me, because we always had various types of milk in our fridge:-)

    Hope you are doing well!

  7. I've heard conflicting things on the type of milk too... but my Ped said 2% was fine for Tay since she's a nice healthy weight. I didn't want a bunch of different types of milk in my fridge either.