Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Little Things

You ever notice that it’s usually the little things that really bring you or your child the most joy?!  It’s not the latest expensive toy, or a trip to the theme park.  Those things are fun, but are quickly forgotten.  These are a few of the “little things” that have been so meaningful in Taylor’s life lately….

Taylor is seriously infatuated with cows these days!  Lucky for her, our next door neighbors (at my parent’s house) are cows!  I thought it would be a fun idea to make a few prints of pictures that I’ve taken of the cows and horses and frame them for her room. 


It’s a very inexpensive project.  Ikea frames: $6, prints: $3 = the joy and excitement in Taylor’s eyes when she sees them on her wall…. PRICELESS! :)  I would of never thought that I’d have framed pictures of farm animals in my daughter’s room, but hey, it is what she likes, so it works for me!


Taylor sure has taken a liking to books lately!  They take a close second to her cows.  It is so enjoyable for Taylor to bring me a book and plop down on my lap.  I have never read more in my life!  Whew, some of those Dr. Seuss books can be tough :)  When I first had my baby shower for Taylor, I got SO many books, and I thought “how am I ever going to use all of these??”.  Well… we do!  She loves going though each and every one of them.  She even is so attached that she just had to bring one with her to school and insisted to go to bed with it!  It is such a joy to see her express her likes and dislikes.


Taylor’s Auntie, Anna, made her the most adorable bracelet.  I’ve taught Taylor to call it her “pretties” – the same as what she calls all my earrings and necklaces too.  Now, Taylor has her very own “pretty”!  It makes her look so girly and sweet!  More so than she already is.. :)

The last and final “little thing” is actually a really big thing to me.  Taylor is saying “Mom-meeee” SO well now!  It just melts my heart.  She walks around calling for me non-stop and I love every minute of it!  She is so aware of everyone around her and will point to anyone that you name.  She doesn’t quite say everyone’s names yet, but I’m sure that is coming very soon!   

Ahh, the little things!

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  1. I love those lips while she's checking out her bracelet. So kissable! Hope you guys are doing well. See you in October?

    1. Yes! We will see you there. Taylor and I are looking forward to seeing everyone!