Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Fairy Special Birthday!


Taylor had the best time at her birthday party this year!  We kept it (fairly) simple and just invited a few of her friends and school friends over to the Club House pool and splash pad.  This year, her dad and I decided to throw a joint party and just invite all the people that are closest to Tay.  I am grateful to have a functional co-parenting relationship with her dad.  We are to a point where we can all be in the same room together and just celebrate Taylor.  I want to provide that to Taylor, and I’m glad we can.  At the end of the day, we have one thing in common and that is our love for our beautiful Taylor, so that is all that matters.


The theme was an easy choice – why, Abby Cadabby of course!  Abby has been Taylor’s favorite since she was one.  Here are a few of the details that I put together that made her party fit for a little fairy princess…

I had a round cake and cupcakes made at Publix, and decorated them with these Abby cake toppers that I found on Etsy.

cake toppers


I think Taylor approved of the cake!

IMG_0577The decor and favor boxes where  found at the Oriental Trading Company.  I wanted to keep things simple.  I’m not a big fan of the over the top character-themed birthdays, so just some subtle hits of Abby worked for us.


Taylor wore the perfect outfit for a fairy pool party!  I came across this most precious tutu on Etsy and I just HAD to have it!! 


Once I had the tutu, I then stressed over what she’d wear under it, until I came across this sweet little baiting suit from good ole Target!  Oh, and by the way – I bought this suit from the GIRLS section :(  Baiting suits always seem to run small for babies, so the extra small in girls (which I think equates to a 4T) fit Tay Tay just fine. 


I think it turned out perfectly, don’t you? :)  She’s working that tude!



Thank God for little girls!!!

Her invites also came from Etsy.  I found the file I liked, the seller customized it with the words and picture, then sent me the digital file.  I just had them printed at Kinkos on cardstock.  I was a pretty cost effective way to make custom invites.  There was a little problem with getting the invites printed however; many places will refuse to print anything with a “character” on it, like Abby, so the way around that was to print them in the do-it-yourself area of Kinkos.  Also, when deciding what to have the invites say – I may have forgotten to mention that it was a POOL PARTY – oops!  It all worked out, as I just mentioned this to everyone when they RSVP’d. :)

Taylor Invite_042713_2

My bestie, Allison was nice enough to whip up some special “Abby Snacks” as a snack for the party.  She claims that they didn’t turn out the way the recipe pictured it, but it was delicious!!  The kids (and adults) munched it up!!  You can find the recipe here.

abby snacks


  The kids and adults swam for hours and enjoyed the water slide and splash pad. 




  1. Happy Birthday to you both. I still have her gift sitting here. I'm horrible about the mail. It will go out Monday.

    It was fun catching up on your blog and seeing just how big she has gotten. Miss you both.

  2. Oh what a sweet little party!! She is getting so big - I can't believe she's already 2! Happy Belated Birthday to you both!!!

    Kathy from Texas

  3. What a cute birthday!!! She is so adorable :) LOVE all the decorations too! Great job :)