Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas suprise!

For Christmas, Josh and I agreed not to exchange any gifts.  We kind of have some saving up to do... I hear diapers for 4 can really add up!  Anyway, typical Josh, still surprised me with a very thoughtful gift.  He said it wasn't for me; it was for our babies.  He gave me a charm bracelet with A, B, C, and D on it.  It has room to add other charms if I want to later, and I can change out the separators to blue or pink once we get the sexes confirmed.  I love my new bracelet, and think of the babies every time I see it.  Now, I'll have to think of something as thoughtful and surprise him with it!


  1. Nicely done Josh, nicely done. Lauren, you've got 4 baby Green Beans in your belly I'd say that's a pretty nice surprise! :)

  2. Awww...that is so sweet! What a great, thoughtful gift. Good Job, Josh!!

  3. Love your blog Sweetie! Dad and I just read through all of it!

    And you know what? Josh is the Best!! You are a lucky girl.