Saturday, January 31, 2009

B, C, and D are looking good

I just had more ultrasounds taken to check on Babies B, C, and D.
They all look great! This pic may be hard to see, but this is a 3D
image of Baby D covering his face. He's probably trying to get some
sleep like the rest of us!


  1. I am so glad to hear that Baby BCD are doing great! I know how much that mean to you. I will continue to hold all of you in my prayers.

  2. So glad to see that B, C, & D are doing well. Our prayers are with you over the loss of Baby A.


  3. Lauren, i just saw your posts, and I just wanted to say I am still praying for you and for babies B, C & D. I'm sorry for the tangible loss of Baby A; I cannot imagine how hard that was. I will absolutely keep praying for the other Beans to make it safely to 24 wks and beyond; still praying for 34 wks, really, with hope.
    Heather in Brazil

  4. Praying with you for your babies and for you! I am so sorry about the loss of Baby A.

  5. That picture is so sweet! I'm thankful Babies B, C, and D are well.

  6. So happy to hear B,C and D are looking good! I hope you are feeling OK and that you get to go rest back home soon. The photo Josh posted is the sweetest thing - we are sending up much love to Baby A.

  7. Do yo have an e-mail? I am a mom of trips and would love to help you out!

  8. I loved looking at the US pics and through Baby A's memory box (thank you for sharing that with me). They are beautiful just like their mommy & daddy. Baby A will never ever be forgotten. She is their little Angel watching over her brother & sisters.