Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had to think really hard to figure out what day today is.  The past 12 days have been such a roller coaster making the days all blend together.  Anyway, after I got some sleep this morning, I started feeling much better.  It's amazing that all my labor symptoms went away immediately following Baby A passing.  I've been on a contraction monitor all day, but haven't had any cramping.

Even though, all that has happened was definitely not what we wanted, I still trust in God's plan for our family.  I just hope that his plans are to give us these 3 healthy babies.  It almost seems as though Baby A was looking out for her siblings and passed away in order to give them more room to grow.  It's so sad to think that she was meant to make that sacrifice for all of us, but it really feels that way.  She will always be our family's angel that looks over us.   B, C, and D already look like they are benefiting from the additional room.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow's cerclage procedure.  I will be getting an epidural, and it should only take a few minutes.  I'm just tired of getting poked and prodded.  There is a good chance that this can benefit my pregnancy, so we are going for it.  Please pray for a successful outcome tomorrow!


  1. We are so glad you and the babies are settled...we will keep praying!! The picture of baby D is so sweet!

  2. You have no idea who I am, but I have been following your blog from Misty. I had tons of trouble with my twin pregnancy. I wish you the best, and keep you, your husband, your babies in my prayers every day! Hang in there mamma! I was in the hospital and on bed rest for 8 weeks! God bless you and those sweet little angels! Baby A specifically, I will hit my knees tonight for that sweet little girl. Just know you have touched so many people, so keep that in mind and keep fighting!

  3. Lauren, stay strong girl! You are doing great, i know times are hard, but your right, she was watching out for the rest, their guardian angel. PRaying for you!!

  4. Baby D is so precious! We know everything will be fine today. We will continue to pray for you!

  5. You are doing so awesome! I am a firm believer in angels. we had a similar situation, but it was in the first trimester ( i started out with quints). From the moment we lost #5, my pregnancy was smooth going for the most part.
    You will be in my prayers!