Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the power of prayer

Hi All, I am now in my own room at TGH and feeling more settled in.  As you may have already read on Josh's Blog, we still don't have any updates.  We are in wait and see mode.  I feel like my fluid loss has slowed down today, and I don't "feel" like I am losing the babies.  I just continue to pray that my little Baby A (who was just officially named this weekend by Josh and I) will fight for her life and that her sack will miraculously repair itself.  The goal is to safely get all the babies to carry for at least 24 weeks.

With all this going on, I am still very emotional (that just goes along with being pregnant), but I am somehow at peace.  I really feel the power of all the prayers that we are getting across the nation, from our friends, family, and complete strangers.  I am feeling pretty positive about things, so I thank you all for the out pour of calls, emails, and prayers.  I also have my wonderful, supportive husband to thank for helping us get through this.


  1. My family is praying for you and your sweet blessings. I experienced premature rupture at 25 weeks with a single child pregnancy, so I understand just a fraction of what you are experiencing. The perinatologist was able to hold off labor for 2 weeks, and I delivered my son at 27 weeks.

    Praying for healthy babies!

    Cheri Rogers - a friend of Traci

  2. I am praying for you and your dear babies!

    -Liesl (a homeschooling friend of Traci's)

  3. Lauren, you are one tough cookie and I know baby A is too! You have such a wonderful attitude and you are such a positive person and that is so important right now. Romie is settling in and getting along very well with the dogs (even Stella, if you can believe that!!) So, don't you worry about her. She sends her love to her momma and I'll give her a kiss from you! Love you so much!

  4. Praying for you and the babies!

    a friend of Traci's in Texas

  5. I am very sad to hear what you two have been going through over the past two days. All six of you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there! we will seen you guys soon.

    Love, matt and Kelly.

  6. Hang in there! It's miraculous the things the body can do! Best wishes with your babies.

    Texanna/Briar Rose

    (friend of Traci's)

  7. Hi Lauren,

    I'm Traci's friend...I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your four miracles!

  8. Just letting you know we are praying for you over here in TX. Take care & call or email me if you need anything!

  9. I wanted to say I am praying for you and your 4 precious babies, that you make it safely to and well past that 24 week mark. I've delivered all 3 of my boys early (not that early) and so I have a tiny inkling of what bedrest and then a NICU stay mean; I pray with that understanding. Rest, rest, rest and know that people the world over are praying for a safe, healthy delivery of all 4 babies, several weeks from now.
    Heather (actually in Brazil)(friend of Traci's)

  10. Good morning, Lauren! Hope you had a good night and slept well. We're posting pics of Romie on Cameron's site so you can check on her whenever you'd like! She sends her love to Mommy, Daddy & the babies.

  11. Praying for you and your 4 blessings.
    Alissa (friend of Traci)

  12. Praying for you and your precious little babies.

    Diane(a homeschooling grandma)

  13. Praying diligently for you and your little ones! Thank you for sharing your faith, even in the struggles!

  14. Thinking of you & so glad you shared your blog with the TBA MoM group. I wish I would have started my blog sooner, and the hospital the boys were at had a care page that we used extensively when they were in the NICU. It helps to "journal" for yourself & is so much easier to keep everyone updated. Your babies are stronger than they look on the tiny ultrasounds. We wish you the best & lots of extra prayers are coming your way!

    Brooke, MoM to Augustus & Raleigh, almost 10 months

  15. Praying for you and your babies, Lauren.

    Dana (friend of Traci's)

  16. Lauren,

    I am so sorry that I haven't checked your blog sooner! I just wanted to let you know that you have more prayers coming your way. Nick and I are praying for you and the quads. Try and get rest (as much as you can in the hospital) and let everyone treat you like a queen.
    Love Always,