Tuesday, May 19, 2009

biggest loser

Do any of you watch The Biggest Loser?  Two weeks ago, the 4 remaining contestants had to run a marathon... all 26.2 miles of it!  What really inspired me is that Ron, currently the oldest and heaviest contestant, completed the marathon.  This guy has a ton of medical problems, and almost got sent to the hospital during the marathon, but he pressed on and made it to the finish line!  That got me thinking... if he can do it, then I can do it!  I am in no way shape or form a "runner", but I'm sure I can be trained to do it.  Well, maybe.  2.5 miles is my max distance to date, and that is tough!  Either way, The Biggest Loser is encouraging and makes me want to be better!

Besides running being painful, uncomfortable, and challenging, it's therapeutic for me.  I feel like I am leaving my pain behind; like I am running away from it.  I also spend the time thinking about my babies, and trying to be strong for them.  I want them to be proud of me, and I think they are.  All I need is my iPod BLASTING in my ears to keep me moving.  I will worry about my hearing later.  Right now it's all about losing my remaining baby weight, and being strong and healthy to keep on truckin'!

If anyone is interested and wants to start a little running challenge ~ just something fun and to keep us motivated ~ please let me know! 
 This could be us!  Wh0's in??


  1. Ok Lauren my friend across the street and i want to run and we keep getting sidetracked. i am not a runner but lately have the same desire you spoke about. I can't even run 1/2 a mile but I am willing to try. let me know what you come up with.

  2. Mikey and I JUST got back from the gym here. I was running back in January and early into February but got so busy that I just didn't have time to make it up there. I ran a mile today and haven't really pushed myself much further than that. I'm sure we'll be running the whole time he's here. Let me know if you come up with any sort of challenge. Count me in :)

  3. Hi Lauren, I was a runner in highschool. I got up to 4 miles but haven't done it in years!! I also have some baby weight that needs to come off and I just want to be overall more tone and healthy. So count me in! Let me know if you decide to do it.


  4. I LOOOOVE the Biggest Loser. It is one of my favorite shows and those people do inspire me!

    I used to run but stopped when I got pregnant with my first child (over 10 years ago!). Now my knees aren't great.

    I've lost my motivation to go to the gym. I basically joined to get me out of the house in the mornings when both of my girls were in school. I used to go with my neighbor and it kept me from being home in an empty house when I was supposed to have a baby to take care of.

    I'm up to trying running again, though. I'm actually walking in a breast cancer walk in Oct. and need to get in shape! Keep me posted!


  5. Me and my girlfriend Kim were just talking about something like this! Please let me know what you come up with. Maybe a running blog/log or something. We are in Texas but could do it all together "virtually"


  6. hi i have been reading your blog from the beginning. Just wanted to let you know i grabbed your buttin and added it to mine. Your story is truly amazing.

  7. hi lauren,
    i am on day 3 of a new workout regiment. walking/jogging is about as fast as i can go right now, but i am certainly interested in challenging myself with how far i can go. actually, i started a new blog just to track my fitness progress. http://nutritionaloverachiever.blogspot.com/ maybe we can add an "s" onto it and add in contributers so everyone can post their progress. whatcha think? i'm working on a background design right now...any suggestions?

  8. ok, woops! the last comment (anabellpepper) was actually me! i was logged in under a friend's profile...i'm visiting at her house right now. anyway, lemme know whatcha think!

  9. Ive been following you for a long time. I need to get back into shape! Im in!!!!

  10. Ha, Lauren, you are so cute! I would love, love, love to tell you that I'd join you but as much as I enjoy being active, running has just never been my cup of tea. But, I KNOW you could finish a marathon if you put your mind to it & we'd be at the finish line, cheering you on! And of course your babies are very proud of their mommy, who couldn't be?

  11. I've been following your blog for a while now (found you on the Tubreqauds page) - I too have recently decided it's time to get my chubby self back in shape! I used to be athletic and so in shape...now lol i'm just a giant bump on a log! I'm in!! :)


  12. Lauren,
    I don't know if you remember writing a comment on my blog, www.thetippingfamily.com. We lost our sextuplets in march? But I jus was able to read through more of the comments with a clear mind. And it was so helpful to read your comment. I would love to talk with you more, would you mind sending me your email, mine is courtneycamille@gmail.com. Hope to talk to you soon.