Thursday, June 25, 2009

week 5

jog blog 09
Time for another Jog Blog update! This time, I have good news! Thanks to that iPhone app, I've really cracked down and started carefully tracking my calorie intake and calories burned, and it's working! I'm down 4 pounds! In order to get to my "ideal weight" I want to lose another 3 or so pounds, so in about 3 more weeks I will reach my goal! Once I get there, I will adjust my intake to then maintain my weight.

The great thing is that I haven't had to sacrifice anything. I've pretty much eaten what I want, but I've just been making smarter choices; cutting portions and excess cals where I can. It's that easy! I still budget for meals out (because they are always more cals that I eat at home) and deserts for special occasions. One thing that this has helped me to do is just incorporate something active into my day, everyday. Because let's just face it, I don't have time to go to the gym every day or go to Pilates, SO at a minimum, I'll go walk the dogs for 15 minutes, or something! It all helps!

The real calorie test is when you're traveling and you're forced to eat out! What I did is try to research what's fairly good for me at the restaurant that I'm going to, so that afterwards I don't get any surprises. Like finding out that a Blooming Onion is 1,100 cals! Not that I'd eat the entire thing, but still, those facts are good to know before you head out to eat.

I recently heard of an upcoming 13k/5k run at Universal Studios. It's a night run through the park. I plan to sign up for it. It's in October, so I'll have plenty of time to train for it. Any locals want to do this with me??

Seven and Romie don't look to excited, but I am! :)


  1. That night run sounds like a good time for you running types, and cute pic of 7 and Romes!

  2. October what? I have Marine Corps Marathon on 10/25, but would be willing to travel for something either before or after that...

    Congrats on the successes. I am dealing with gaining a few back after a year of maintenance. Sadly, I blame my winter marathon training...apparently 20 mile run doesn't equate eat whatever you want...

  3. Erica RosnebergerJune 29, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    We have a cruise planned for sometime in October, but if we're in town I'll definitely run with you!

  4. Are you still planning on doing the Universal run? I could do the 5k?