Friday, October 2, 2009

fun finds!

I found some awesome bargains today, that I had to share with you!

I stopped by the donation center at the new Salvation Army store by our house to drop off some old clothes and shoes. Then, I decided to go in to see if the new store had anything good. First of all, I hate digging through racks of stuff, just to find things that you don't really want or need, but this store was so clean and well organized! Right when I walked in to the store I instantly spotted a brand new entertainment center from Rooms To Go! It had a small scratch on the side, but you'd never really notice. I'm considering going back tonight once Josh gets home to pick it up.

I ended up finding this brown linen dress with the tags still on it! It was only $2.50! Once I got home, I paired it with a little white tank and this beaded necklace I already had. A cute little outfit, huh?

I also found this new necklace...
And this cool bangle!

I'd say that it was a very successful shopping trip at the thrift store! Tomorrow is the community garage sale; wonder what I'll find there!

Don't you love finding great things for super-cheap?

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  1. Like I said You, me shopping after surgery! Date has been set.

  2. Great finds!! Check out my blog to see what my mom and her friends sent my daughter...all from a thrift store and yard sales!

  3. Awesome job. Tomorrow is a local preschools bi-annual consignment sale. I can not wait to be there 30 minutes before it starts in line.

  4. I LOVE a bargain! GREAT finds Lauren!

  5. Wow!!! That is great! I love a good bargain! xx

  6. seriously great finds and great style there lady!!! hope you are all well.

  7. Wish you could be MY stylist!
    You are so clever!

  8. What a great find! That dress is cute!! Is that necklace made out of kukui nuts? It looks like it.

  9. I need to come shop the thrift stores in your area Lauren! What great finds!