Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

This Halloween weekend was a busy one!

It started out with pumpkin carving at the Pernecky's on Friday night. I was feeling festive, so I made a finger-food version of caramel apples to have to snack on. The apple slices weren't the easiest to cover in caramel, but they still tasted great!

I used a pumpkin carving kit for the first time, and stenciled out my pumpkin design. As a kid, we'd always just hack into our pumpkins with random kitchen knifes, so this was a fun change.

Look at how excited we were!

Here are all our pumpkins! (From left to right) Josh did the first two, mine is next, then Ally's, Matt & Kelly's, and then Mike's.

Saturday, we spent the whole day at Ikea, but that story will have to be explained in an entirely different post! :) On Halloween evening, Josh and I set up a table and chairs, candy, drinks, music and pumpkins on our driveway. We sat outside all evening passing out candy and visiting with neighbors. It was a fun tradition to start in our new neighborhood.

Everyone had a great time, including my little trick-or-treaters, Seven and Romie!

Seven was a Cowgirl

Romie was a Pumpkin (with attitude)

Happy Halloween Everyone!
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  1. That Romie and her attitude problem! :) Very cute!

  2. I like how excited you guys are. :) The pumpkins look great! I love all the different designs you can do.

  3. Those pumpkins are amazing, and I love the doggie costume!!! You guys were prepared for Halloween- love it! :-)

  4. Good stuff Lauren! Love the punkins!

  5. oh those apples look delish!!!

  6. Um... those apples are making me hungry, lol.

    Great job on the pumpkins!!!

  7. You look great! And I love the pumpkins!

  8. I love Romie & Seven's costumes! How cute! And those carmel apples look delicious! I'm glad you had a good time at the Pernos carving pumpkins! They all turned out great!

  9. Thanks again for making those yummy caramel apple bites! I love the little set up you guys had on your driveway for Halloween; so cute. And Romie & Seven looked adorable!!