Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cow vs. Romie

Josh's tweet summed it up perfectly...

Cow vs. Romie. Cow won, but Romie is OK.

This past weekend at my parent's house, my little 10 pound, fearless Romes decided to hop the fence and join the neighboring herd of cows.


She's tried this once before, but I was able to call her back before she got too far in. Well, not this time. There were a bunch of people at my parents house and we were all standing around visiting. I looked over and little Romie was standing among 10 cows and started to taunt one of them (like she does with Seven when she wants to play). The cow then nudged her with his big head, and Romie rolled. Right as the cow was about to pick up his big hoof to kick her, Romie got on her feet, and made her way back through the barbwire fence!

She ran back to us crying and I thought that she had been seriously hurt and was still in shock. I was SO freaked out! She was whimpering and crying while Josh held her to give her an exam. After looking her over very carefully, she seemed OK, just really shaken up.

It wasn’t until 4 days later, that I noticed that Romie would whimper a little when I picked her up. It really concerned me, so we jetted off to the vet to get her checked out. I was so relieved to learn that Romie was fine after all. The vet thinks that she is probably just bruised and a little sore.


Now, Romie is taking some anti-inflammatory meds, and will be laying low for the next week. We are SO lucky that she is ok! I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if that darn cow had actually kicked her! From now on, I will be keeping a closer eye on Seven and Romie while we are around those cows!


On a side note ~ I used Windows Live Writer for the first time instead of Blogger to write this post. Do you use this or Blogger? Which one do you prefer?


  1. OMGoodness! I couldn't help but laugh the hole time I read this! I'm glad Romie is okay but that pick of Romie and the Cow....look at that tongue! I think the cow wanted to eat her!!

  2. Oh no. What a horrible let down after Doggie Trump Hotel. I am glad she is OK.

  3. Oy vey! Romie, welcome to the anti-inflamatory doggie meds club! You are joining my dog Striker, who at 10 thinks he is still a puppy and tends to overdo it. Would you two like to have a low key, no cow playdate? The neighbor does have a llama named lala but you're not allowed near her!

  4. Oh, I'm glad she's okay! Cute story though. Taunting cows! Silly girl!

    I use blogger. But, I would give live writer a shot. You like it?

  5. Poor sweet Romie...hope she is on the mend very soon :) She's so darn cute!

    I use blogger, have never used the other, as I am such a novice to all of this, but I'm trying :)

    Hugs and have a great weekend!

  6. We are so glad that Romie is okay after her meeting witht he cow. We know all about those anti-inflamatory meds as well. Take care and get well soon. The Hounddogs.

  7. Poor Romie! I'm glad that she's ok after her encounter with the cow!

  8. Poor Romie, I'm glad she's ok!

  9. Thank God our little Romes is okay! I did have to laugh when I read that she had "rolled" when the cow nudged her b/c I could totally picture that, but only b/c I know she's okay. Poor little girl thought she was playing amongst one of her own kind & nearly got trampled!!

  10. I just started using live writer recently too. I like the fact that you can write them offline and then just publish when you have a connection. The pictures load a ton faster too.

    Glad Romie is okay!

  11. Oh no! I'm glad she's okay but that must have been scary! What a cute dog :)

  12. Geez, I'm so glad Romie made it out ok. She was probably so scared, poor little pup.