Friday, April 9, 2010

For Sale

Tomorrow is my neighborhood’s bi-annual community garage sale.  I’m not a big garage-selling type, but I do plan to go look around to see what kind of “junk” I can find. When I have things that I want to get rid of, I just drop them off at Goodwill, and I’m done.  I don’t have the room or the patience to let unwanted things accumulate, so I never have enough to have a whole garage sale of my own.  So, tomorrow I am going to piggy back on one of my neighbor’s garage sales and just drop off the 3 things I have on her driveway and hope it sells.

for sale

I am finally going to attempt to sell the brand new, never opened strollers and infant car seats that I got for the Green Beans.  We’ve had them for a year and a half.  They’ve just been sitting in the corner of our garage collecting dust.  For some reason Josh and I have been totally incapable of getting rid of them.  We haven’t even tried.  It’s just something that neither of us want to deal with, I guess.

for sale2

Tomorrow’s the big day.  I’m ready to part ways with them.  Well, kind of.  We are keeping 1 stroller and 2 infant car seats… cause, you never know!

If anyone of the locals are interested in coming by tomorrow, just email me, and I’ll be happy to send you directions. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh Lauren the photos took my breath away. Your loss is just so enormous. I am glad you are keeping some of them though. Please know you and your sweet family continue to be in my prayers xxx

  2. I cant imagine how hard it was to make that decision. I'm glad you took your time to make it though.
    Good luck in selling them.
    Praying hard for you that those other carseats will be filled again soon!!

  3. My husband and I ended up CRaigslisting our items last summer after our loss. It was hard to see these pregnant bellies walk into our home and take MY baby's stuff, but then again, it was of no use to us, and was a sad reminder every time I pulled into my garage and say an infant seat and belongings staring me in the face.

    Here's to hoping that your neighbor can sell them and you won't have to look at all of them anymore.

  4. That would be really hard for me also :( but what a great prize to find at a garage sell. Still in the box is the best thing to find. Hope it goes well. and if you need to shed tears as it leaving make sure you do:) xoxoxo

  5. I can not even imagine how tough that was. Hopefully not having them in the garage will make life easier. And I hope you get to make use of the other 2 sooner rather than later.

  6. oh sweetie, i know this must be hard for you...just one of those "reality" things we have to do as grieving parents. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow....


  7. Oh, that must be very difficult Lauren. I'll be thinking of you honey.

  8. Lauren, sending you lots and lots of hugs.

    I had bought Vivian and Annemarie matching wardrobes (a HUGE amount of clothes) from gymboree, and taking that back was something i just did not want to do. Fortunately, my BFF flew into town and did the returning because otherwise I would still have those matching clothes. It was hard for me to let go of those little outfits- and what they represented.

    I am glad you are hanging onto two carseats, and the stroller. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to the dream of what might have been. (((((hugs)))) thinking of you and your green beans....


  9. Precious Friend,

    What you are doing takes courage...I'm proud of you.

    Many Hugs,
    ps You WILL use those other seats...I'm confident in our futures :)

  10. Hi Lauren. It's been awhile since I've commented but I want you to know I still check in from time to time. I can only imagine how hard getting rid of these are - I commend you for doing so because I can imagine that it's another positive step in the healing process. And I don't blame you for holding on to a couple of them either. Praying you are able to fill those seats and stroller some day!


  11. Oh Lauren! I know that has to have been one of the hardest decisions you have ever made. I wish I could be so brave...Sending you lots of hugs and love!
    Thinking of you!

  12. We'll be thinking of you! HUGS!!!

  13. I'm sure that's hard to do!! ♥