Saturday, April 24, 2010

Walking for Preemies

We walked in the Tampa March of Dimes walk today!  I was great to get outside on a beautiful morning and walk for an even better cause!  My Green Beans continue to be my inspiration to do good things and to make a difference.  I’m sure they are pleased to be watching down on us helping preemies have a better chance at life.  The hope is that all preemies will be born healthy one day.

I designed the shirts we wore for the walk and had them printed on bright green shirts.  They say on the front and this on the back:


My parents, Josh, and I walked with a big group of neighbors.  One of our neighbors, Jack, is my boot camp instructor, and he just so happens to have 9 year old quintuplets!  They were born at 27 weeks and spent months in the NICU, but luckily, they are all happy and healthy kids today! 

group pic 

The 3 mile walk up and down Bayshore Blvd. flew by and was tons of fun!  Our walk lined the bay, so the view was beautiful!  The walk also took us right by Tampa General Hospital where I laid just a little over a year ago with my babies.  It was just another reminder of why we are doing this.


A big thanks to my parents who walked with us on our first ever Team Green Bean walk!   I’m already looking forward to next year’s walk!  I hope to have more people participate next year.



  1. What an awesome turn out by your neighbors and family in memory of the green beans...and it looks like a beautiful day! Hoping our walk is full of sunshine on May 15th here in California.

  2. You look great! Next year Im hoping to do this together!

  3. LOVE the shirts! I wish we could have walked with you. If only they were on different days. The Beans were represented at our walk though! Fight Club fights for The Beans and all babies born too soon! Hugs!

  4. Fantastic! You all look amazing :)

  5. So sweet, and Im so proud of you xxx

  6. so proud of you!! i know you made your babies proud! and i LOVE all the bracelets on your chic!

  7. Hello my Sweet, Adorable, Friend!

    Look at these pictures....look how many people LOVE you and "honor" The Green Beans. It brings me to tears.


    Kudo's to you for continuing to give of yourself in order to help others. Selfless giving is a beautiful thing :) And, I love that your parents are so supporive...

    Here's to "Fight Club"


  8. I like your shirts!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful walk!

  9. You are an inspiration to so many Moms, ones that have lost babies and even the ones that haven't. It's amazing how you have turned your grief into something positive. I am so proud of you Lauren!

    PS- Love the shirts!