Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jog Blog??

Remember the Jog Blog from last year? 


The Jog Blog was my way to motivate myself and others to keep up with their physical activity, to be healthy or to lose weight.  Whether it’s running, walking, elliptical, whatever works for you, it was just a reminder to do it.  Well, I got kind of tired of the Jog Blog and started counting calories with my LoseIt iPhone App instead of all the intensive workouts and that ended up working for me.

Anyway, the Jog Blog is BACK -- for the next 3 days, that is.  Silly me signed up for the Meadow Pointe 5k that’s THIS SATURDAY.  Eek!  Yes, I’ve been keeping up with Pilates and boot camp both once a week, and biking a few other days a week, but that doesn’t mean I’m in any shape to jog my heart out for 3.125 miles (aka 5k).

My boot camp instructor told me about this race; he’s doing it as well as a few other neighbors of mine, so figured what the heck!  It will be fun to say that I actually completed a 5K, and it’s for a good cause.  The race is to benefit the American Cancer Society. 


In preparation, I mapped out a 3 mile course and attempted to run it this afternoon.  36 minuets later after a lot of running, walking, and running some more… I made it!  My face looked like a tomato and I felt like I was going to throw up, but I proved to myself that I can do it!

So, Saturday morning I will be ready with my running shoes on.  If any locals want to join me, here’s the link to register:

See ya there???


  1. I did my 5k in 38 minutes I think during the sprint tri. Thats not a bad time. The wanting to puke thing though not so good. :)
    Have fun. Events can become addicting just so you know. I'm getting the itch to go back to sprint tri's but that would require actually getting on my bike.

  2. Good girl! And its for such a special cause, you are so thoughtful. The first time I ever decided i wante to start running was a very very long time ago, and I had tomato face too! Made me go way back in the memory bank :) Hope everything else is going well for you.
    Good luck! xxxooo Nan

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