Monday, May 17, 2010

Grrreattt Weekend!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know my best blogger friend, Ashley, in real life!  It just so happens that Ashley lives in a city that I travel to ALL the time for work, so it’s easy to get together every so often.  A few months ago, we had our first meeting at Starbucks, and then a few times since, I’ve met up with Ashley and her hubby Chris and some of their friends.

This weekend they came up to our place and got to meet Josh!  Mike and Allison came over and the six of us hung out at our community pool all day and relaxed under the cabana.  We swam, went down the water slide and floated around on rafts!


After the pool, we went back to the house and played with our cameras!

2 Ashley is a great photographer, and has self taught herself a lot!  We now happen to have the same cameras, so she showed me a few tips and tricks.  I’m starting to understand what all those settings and dials do!


The Green Beans and Nolan were represented too.  Ashley snagged this awesome picture of her GB bracelet next to her anchor tattoo for Nolan.  We know our kids are best buds up in heaven.


We went to Wiregrass and had a great dinner at Pagelli’s.  We scored a perfect seat on the patio and munched on apps and pizzas!  Yum!  We were entertained by watching the high school prom kids outside taking pictures by their limo.  They looked SO young!  I cannot believe that it’s been 12 YEARS since I went to prom!  Geez!


After dinner and a quick stop at the Brass Tap, we went back to our house and hung out on the patio and visited some more.  Josh and Chris really hit it off too and we jokingly said that they have a little “Bromance” going on!

We hated that they had to leave, but they needed to be responsible parents to their doggie, Nola.  So reluctantly, they headed back home around 11pm.  We are already looking forward to seeing them again in June!



Cheers back, Ashley!  Here’s a Shirley Temple (with extra cherries) for YOU!






  1. It was great meeting Ashley and Chris, totally cool cats!

  2. yea, so fun!

    i'm so glad you could meet up with a baby loss mom IRL. i know for me, having erika, has been a life saver! looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. How fun!!
    That is so awesome that you created a "real" friendship!! I love blogging for that reason! I had no idea what I was getting into when I started!!
    Great pics girl!!

  4. I am so so happy you two have each other. And, it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time!

    I just went to Ashley's blog via your links and cried and cried. You two are very strong mothers. Thanks again for sharing your stories with us.


  5. So awesome you guys get to meet up so often and have become such great friends!!!

  6. Lauren :)

    I absolutely LOVE that you and Ashely got to have a little "fun in the sun"!!! If she is half as precious in person as she is on her blog then she's a "keeper".

    As for the Shirley Temple, I look forward to the day that I raise one in your honor and feel that day is coming soon :)

    Much Love and a BIG HUG to jump start the week!


  7. Wow, what a fun day!

  8. Sounds like such a beautiful weekend!! So glad you've been able to enjoy each other's friendship!