Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 10 Update

A couple days ago I posted my Week 8 update, but I actually wrote that two weeks ago.  Currently, I am 10 weeks, so this is my weekly update…

How many weeks? 10

Showing?  Yep.  I started wearing maternity jeans this week.  Getting dressed for work can be challenging, so I’ve been just wearing a lot of empire waste dresses.

Here I am today at 10 weeks compared to me 10 weeks pregnant with the quads.  Pretty similar, huh?  (Oh, and please excuse the disgusting picture of me on the right… I was just getting ready for bed when Josh insisted on taking my weekly belly shot.)


How am I feeling?  I am always tired.  I’ve been having some headaches this week, but still being good and only sticking to my 1 cup of coffee per day. 

Doctor’s Appointment? No doctors appointments this week.  My next appointment is in 2 weeks.

Workouts?  I did the elliptical once this week, and that went well.  I think I would rather do the elliptical than run throughout this pregnancy.  I’d like to workout more this coming week, but we’ll see!

Sleep?  Ready to head to bed NOW…

Weight Gain?  Still 2 pounds.  I think.  I hope.

Baby Preparation?  I know, I know I said I’d wait as long as I could to do all the baby preparations, and that’s still mostly the case, but Josh and I did lock in a boy’s name this week!  The girls name is still in debate.  I am getting boy vibes from this pregnancy; I can’t wait to find out though!

Likes/Dislikes?  I’m still loving Publix subs and eating them regularly.  I hope I don’t get sick of them!   I’ve been missing blue cheese lately – right when you know you shouldn’t have something, it’s when you want it most.  Right?  I also really miss having more than 1 cup of coffee a day, everything Starbucks, and Red Bulls. 

Until next week, folks!



  1. You look great, I wish I couldsay I have only gained 2 lbs:) I know what you mean about the bleu cheese all I want is that and feta cheese on my salad it is killing me:)

  2. You are just the cutest pregnant gal ever!

    I also LOVED Publix subs when I was pregnant! The craving for lunch meat was ridiculous! And, I wanted cold subs, but had to heat the meat up to steaming - ugh! Not cool.

    You look fantastic girl!

  3. I know I would rather do the elliptical than run even when not pregnant! lol

  4. I wish I could exercise while pregnant, but my doctor says no. The elliptical sounds great though. Love the belly shots and I cannot wait to hear boy names :)

  5. Oh, I so remember the list of do not eats that haunted me! No cheese dip from the mexican, no cold subway sandwiches, no caffeine, no.... And you want me to injest how many calories a day? You look absolutely precious!!!!!!

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! About the blue cheese, I remember reading that it's only a concern if it's unpasteurized. I never had trouble finding pasteurized blue cheese, feta, etc, at Publix. :)

  7. Cute baby belly! Love things are going well!

  8. Lauren,
    I have a friend that is the same amount of weeks as you are. I was telling her about you today. I cant wait to compare things between the 2 of you.

    Cant wait for another update.


  9. I am amazed at that little belly already!! Showing early is great because then you dont go through that "Do people think I'm fat, not pregnant?" stage. Congrats!!

  10. Lauren - I just saw this today and I have goose bumps all over for y'all! Congratulations!!! This PaePae will keep you in her thoughts and prayers!!

  11. You look beautiful and glowing! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  12. I'm so excited for you guys. You look great!

  13. Looking good LG, I love the pants you're wearing in the picture on the right! GO BEARS!

  14. Happy 10 weeks sweet friend!

    I laugh at your loving those subs...I had a turkey sub for lunch 3 days in a row, and again today! Those people are going to know me by name before long :) LOL

    Many Hugs and Lots of Love and Prayers


  15. You and your silly publix subs!;) you loved those last time! I think you look great and I cannot wait to rub that belly..... Once it gets a bit bigger.
    Pounds (lb)

  16. Amy is right, as long as the cheese is pasteurized, you can have it! So there's no need to give up your blue cheese since there are plenty of pasteurized cheeses available at the grocery store. You should get yourself some when you're there for you Publix sub fix!

    You're looking fabulous as usual!

  17. You look beautiful in both pictures! I'm glad you're feeling pretty good still! It was great seeing you last weekend!!