Monday, November 29, 2010

16 Week Update

How many weeks? I’m 16 weeks!

 16 weeks

Maternity Clothes?  I picked up a bunch of non-maternity shirts this weekend – mostly at Old Navy  & Target in mediums and larges to give me more room.  The larges are still huge in the arms and neck area, but they are at least long enough to wear with my maternity bottoms.  Maternity tops are still pretty big on me. 

How am I feeling?  OK.  Physically, I feel fine, but mentally, I’m still a little off.  Just not my normal, perky, fun-loving self.  It’s getting old, but I hope that it will get better once I pass the 24 week mark.   I expect the 17-22 week period to be difficult for me.  I just need to get though it and then I think the constant comparing to the Green Beans will mostly go away.  Weeks 17-22 is when everything went down with my last pregnancy, so I am dying to get past that time. 

Doctor’s Appointment? I have an routine appointment tomorrow.  It’s just a standard OB check up, so I don’t think I’ll get an ultrasound this time.  I hope that my progesterone shots will be delivered by then, so that I can take my first one with me to my appointment so they can show Josh how to give them to me.

Sleep?  I still love my sleep, but my excessive need for it has been getting better. 

Weight Gain?  8 pounds!  Still a “normal” amount of weight gain, but on the high end in my opinion.  Too much turkey and desserts, I guess!

Baby Preparation?  I have the design and bedding for Taylor’s nursery all picked out, but I hope to wait until February before starting on it.

The Bedding:

Zianna Bedding

subtle touch behr

  • On the light grey walls, I plan to frame some of the designs from this wallpaper in large black frames:


  • Flooring: The flooring is already in.  It’s a super-dark walnut wood finish, so I will get some sort of an area rug for the room. 
  • Furniture: We are still unsure about the crib for the room.  I really want a white crib, because it will contrast nicely against the dark wood floors, but I don’t want it to look “country”.  So far all the white cribs we’ve seen have looked a little country and I’d rather it be more contemporary.  We’ve got plenty of time to figure those minor details out.

Likes/Dislikes? My food aversions seem to have gone away.  I think I’m starting to feel more “2nd Trimester like”!  My appetite is back to normal too. 



  1. OMG! I am in LOOOOVE with your choice!!!! It's beautiful, simple and classy. P.S. I love the white cribs, I dont think mine looks country but can see how they could in certain rooms. :)

  2. you look great! I understand the wanting to be past the point where the last pregnancy started to go bad. I'm in that right now and wish I could live at my OB's office checking on my cord.

  3. You look amazing! Im so excited for you :)

  4. You look awesome. I think grey is a great color for a room! I have a dark grey guest room and I LOVE IT!!!

  5. You look fabulous and I love your nursery choices so far!

  6. i think you popped! you look so fab!

    the mental "off-ness" is expected especially as you approach these tough weeks....

    we have a white crib and its not country at all -- i'll email you later!

  7. you're so adorable! :) i love the nursery decor too. :)

    i will be especially praying for you during these next several weeks. :)

  8. Looking good, Lo Lo! Love the bedding you're going with... I just know that Taylor will be pleased with your decision! :o)

    And I know you may not be feeling like your usual, perky self, but give yourself a break.. You're one of the sweetest people I know. And I was just thinking today that I'm sure you'll feel better once you're beyond the point when you can continue to compare things with the Green Beans.

    Looking forward to our "date night" on Wednesday! It'll be a great way to break up the week!

  9. You look beautiful! We are so excited to know you're going to add another sweet girl to the family. I'm glad ya'll had a good Thanksgiving. Blessings to you!

    Oh, and I like the bedding and wall choices!

  10. Love the nursery decor! So very cute! Still praying for you daily!

  11. Lauren,

    Cheers to finding some clothes that will get you through the transition :) I'm at that akward stage too and everything seems so ill fitted, but I'm getting creative. And I'm on board with the Target turtlenecks, size M, too :)

    As for not feeling like yourself, I understand. I felt like that as well, wanting to get past the time when I lost Christian. Honestly, I can tell you that passing that week helped to lessen the burden, but the loss is always near to my heart, as is the anxiety. We just cope the best we can. Others forget the road we've traveled and move forward to the excitement phase. For us, it's not that easy. Instead, we reflect on the past and try to relish the present. Merging the two emotions will certainly make you feel "off" so go lightly on yourself.

    Just this weekend I had one of those "off" times, as I struggled to design/order our Christmas card. I chalked it up to normalcy.

    My coping mechanism seems to be trying to live in the moment...some days I do it more gracefully than others. And, I keep myself busy with my infamous "to do" list. Distraction, I suppose....

    Much Love and Many Prayers Always

    ps can't wait to see Taylor's nursery completed :) Excellent selections!

  12. You look awesome and I am so excited for you! And I LOVE the bedding!! : )

  13. Love the bedding and things you've picked for the nursery! We put in new floors after we already had nursery furniture (this summer with a failed adoption), now it's a little too much darkness, so once we know what we're having I'll pick a huge rug to lighten it up in there!! Glad you're feeling better physically and the other is completely normal. Praying for continued good news with Taylor!

  14. Lauren, you look fantastic! And I really like the designs you've picked out for Taylor's room! I'm sure these few weeks will probably be hardest for you, I hope they go by quickly. Just try to relax and trust in yourself and God that everything WILL be fine!

  15. Love the bedding and the wall color! Pink is so much fun!

  16. Looks like you popped out since last week :)

  17. Looking great!! I hate that stage where your regular clothes don't fit but neither do maternity clothes! Good idea on getting a little larger sizes to get you through.

    I love the pattern you've chosen for the nursery! It's so adorable!

  18. Lauren, I LOVE your baby bump! You look FANTASTIC! I wish I looked as good as you when I was preggo! ha, I wish I took weekly pictures like you did too! Darn it! haha. I also LOVE the colors and choices you picked out for her nursery. I am so excited, a GIRL! Now I feel better, everyone is popping out baby boys! haha. You are doing awesome, I am praying for you, and I completely understand about the weeks. When I was around 26 weeks with Sadie, I was feeling like that too, because I had Naomi at 28 weeks, I just had my days. But i made it and i just KNOW you will too! hang in there pretty Mama!