Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Long Road Ahead…

We saw my Perinatologist today.  I really liked him; he spent lots of time with Josh and I and answered all our questions.  He seemed to have great bed side manner and I didn’t feel rushed with him at all. 


The good news is – Baby Greenie looks great and is right on schedule with it’s growth.  Also, we’ll continue to get ultrasounds of Greenie Baby every 2 weeks throughout my entire pregnancy, so that’s always nice to see him/her often.

The not so good news is – I am absolutely at risk for the having the same complications that happened the last time. The risks of pPROM’ing and having IC drastically decrease with a singleton, BUT they are still very much there and raise a lot of concern. 

The main problem is, there is very little data on singleton pregnancies that follow a very complicated quadruplet pregnancy.  It just doesn't happen very often, so they don’t have a lot to go off of.  It is so exhausting to think about what a long road ahead we still have.  It’s not going to be easy, but I am going to try to keep thinking as positively as I possibly can.


The plan for now is to do cervical checks every 2 weeks.  My cervix right now is nice and thick; 4.5 cm to be exact.  If we ever see it measuring 2.5 cm or less, I go in for an immediate cerclage that day.  Right now the risk of complications from a cerclage are about 1% and they steadily go up from there the longer we wait, so it’s kind of a guessing game.  My Peri supports our decision to just closely observe my cervix and act when and if it’s needed.  In about 2 weeks, I will start getting daily Progesterone shots that will help keep the uterus from contracting.  I hear the shots are a real pain in the butt… literally.  Josh is going to have to add administering my shots to his morning routine. 

I’m not going to focus too much on what we will do if complications arise.  I am just going to go with our current plan and hope and pray for the best.  I am really scared.  I just don’t get how so many women go on to have uncomplicated pregnancies all the time when it’s such a struggle for me and so many I know.  I can’t imagine why God would give us this miracle and then take it away from us, so I’m just trying to trust in him.  Please keep Greenie and myself in your prayers.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  - JEREMIAH 29:11-13

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” - Ephesians 3:20



  1. I will DEFINITELY be praying for you!!!

  2. Praying so much for you Lauren!

  3. Praying for you and your little one! I just started taking the Progesterone injections in the hip and they really aren't too bad. They hurt less than any of the stomach injections I've given myself. :)

  4. Dad and I will be praying, too, every single day and throughout the day. You are our brave girl. As the angels in the Bible often say,"Do not be afraid". We love you and Josh bunches!

  5. I know God can do miracles and we'll keep on praying. I love the verses at the bottom. It's very true how God knows exactly what He's doing. we'll just have to trust Him

    Much blessings and prayers,
    Emma x

  6. Of course, I'll be praying for you guys. The shots really weren't that bad. Just remind Josh to push the meds in SLOW - it's super thick stuff.

  7. Praying for you and that teeny baby- who looks quite adorable already :)

  8. Hang in there! It sounds like things are going great so far.

    I have never experienced your exact situation. However, my son has a chromosome abnormality, so I understand the emotions when you compare. I see every Tom, Dick and Harry (or should I say Tammy, Denise and Heather??) with perfect babies and wonder why my baby?? I guess I'll never know. I just keep moving along.

  9. praying for you, lauren!!! it is my prayer that this baby comes healthy, full-term, and lives a long, fruitful life. i had a lot of worry and anxiety with B's is just hard, you know? the u/s pic is precious! yay for getting checked every 2 weeks- that is fantastic! ((((hugs))))


  10. my prayers are with you; try to stay positive & to not let the worry take over the joy that is your new baby (I know easier said than done).

  11. Hi,
    I don't know if you follow this blogspot or not, but here is the link for a quad mama who had a singleton pregnancy after having her quads.
    I am sure she would welcome any questions. Will keep you and your precious baby in my prayers.

  12. Praying for you, and I hate that you'll have to do the progesterone shots b/c you're right, they are a literal pain in the rear! I recommend icing the area first, just makes it easier to me! When my hubby does it, it rarely hurts at all. Put your weight on one leg, then inject it in the opposite side (that way you don't tense up and make it hurt more).

    Prayers for you to enjoy this pregnancy, celebrate this baby, and TRUST God, even when it's hard! He understands your fears and pain! Lots of love!

  13. i'm absolutely praying for you and baby green, lauren. hugs hugs hugs.

  14. i've just found your blog and wanted to say i think you two are incredibly brace and admirable! You should be soo proud of how you've come out of this and all the strength you have! Good luck with this pregnancy i will be keeping an eye on your blog! :)

  15. my absolute favorite verse! keep the faith...i understand your frustration. my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage (a long time ago) and i had a close family member with a child with severe physical and mental disabilities and it was very hard for me to overcome that miscarriage. i couldn't understand how teens could hop in a car and have sex and have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby and married couples that wanted babies so bad had trouble! i eventually had two more pregnancies that were fine (scary episode with my son in beginning), but i always worried that something would go wrong. i never experienced something as difficult as losing your babies must have been, but you will have the family that you want! it sounds like you have found the right peri doc and that you have a very sound plan in place. just try to enjoy every moment that you can and not worry so much! if you want, i will send you my 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son to entertain you and prepare you for the future! lol

  16. Lauren,

    I shed tears as I read your words. Fear is something that has become part of our journeys as a result of our pasts. And its sad.

    Yet, as always, I have great FAITH in the plans that have been made for us....those to prosper and not to harm :) We just can't lose sight of this.

    Consider me your personal prayer warrior. I'm right here with you "in dandem" on our journeys. I know its not going to be easy for either of us, but we WILL make it! Sure, the fears will be there, but through FAITH in God and the love and support of family, friends and Bloggie Support we have our bases covered.

    My NT scan was very scary and I have to admit that I analyze everything, but ultimately its prayer that gets me through each day. We will get scans every 2-3 weeks of the little pumpkin and the reassurance is nice. Pray that the placenta decides to move up, as previa concerns me greatly. I too wonder why its just so easy for some...but I know that isn't productive, so I stay grateful for what I have in my tummy right now.

    Much Love to you today and always. Prayers to keep you and Greenie baby safe being sent right now.


  17. Thinking of you and praying that everything goes as smoothly as it can. *hugs*

  18. I will be praying for you, Greenie baby and your husband! It is SO unfair that some of us can get pregnant so easily and have uncomplicated pregnancies. Trust me, I felt SO guilty with both of my children because I knew it was SO difficult for my sister. But I pray that God guides you and protects you and that everything goes well! :)

  19. I too struggle with the fact that pregnancy/having babies is so easy for some while so hard for's just not fair. But lately I've really been trying to not focus on the injustice of this fallen world. It'll drive you crazy, belive me! My SIL and cousin are preggers right now and seeing their growing bellies is definitely hard for me. It's a daily struggle for me and I hate that. Anyways, hang in there girl.

    I pray that Satan's lies remain far from your ears, that fear and anxiety will not be your friend, and that you feel God's presense and peace surrounding you at all times. I also pray for the full-term, uneventful, and healthy pregnancy and birth of your sweet little one.

    By the way, thanks for your encouragement last week. As I mentioned above, I've been having a pretty tough time lately but your email was very encouraging and was a turning point in how I'm starting to look at things now.

  20. You don't know me, but I read your blog periodically. After a single premature baby, then twins where one PROM'd and they were born premature, I know how you feel - your vision of a healthy, full term baby sometimes seems like an outrageous dream. Your view of "success" changes. With my last pregnancy, I dreamed of a 34 week baby (singleton). But in reality, after IC, and the decision of the perinatologist to not do a cerclage, and being hospitalized at 23 weeks with basically no cervix left, I considered getting to 24 weeks - and viability - a success. Then my goal was 25, and 26, and 27. Even with progesterone shots and hospitalization she was born before I hit 27 weeks. Even though most people would consider that a failure, to me it was a complete success - she was viable, and they are able to keep her going, although she's so tiny. Yes, there are risks to a baby so small, but they're worth it! I know it seems far away, but every appointment with your perinatologist will get you closer to the goal of 24 weeks. And after you hit that, every day is just a miracle! You can do it!

  21. When I do my progesterone shots I ice the area before hand while I have the vial of progesterone in my bra to get it to body temp (makes it thinner and easier to inject). I lay down and my hubby gives me the shot and injects slowly, after the shot we massage the area a bit and sit on a warm heating pad for about 20 minutes. Good luck, it isn't so bad and I have heard good things about progesterone helping with pre-term labor.

  22. I have full confidence that this ALL will be worth it. Stay strong and positive. :-)

  23. I have been lurking around your blog for a long time now and have never commented but wanted to offer (I hope!) a little support. Although I did not have a multiples pregnancy, my first son was a preemie following PPROM. When we had our second baby, I was terrified we would have the same situation as my PPROM was likely caused bu a uterine malformation I had. Well, I too took the progesterone shots (and yes, they are rough--but see my advice below) and I made it to full term--and had my second sweetheart 1 day shy of 40 weeks. No NICU stay, just walked out of the hospital with him in my arms. I credit the progesterone and a lot of help from God for getting me there.

    As for the progesterone, here is my advice. First, they are weekly shots, so the good news is you shouldn't have to do them daily. In my experience, they didn't hurt going in but about an hour after they were administered, my thich would start burning terribly and it would last for a while. Second, I would get hit with a huge headache and got so, so sleepy. So, I learned to take them on Friday afternoons when I could rest and sleep and it wouldn't interrupt my whole day.

    Good luck--and looking forward to seeing this new baby on your blog!

  24. Wanted to add some progestrone in oil(PIO)tips. I went through a few rounds of IVF and had to do these. Have your RN mark your hips, butt and thighs with a permanant marker to where your hubby can inject you and move to these areas clockwise (or counter clockwise for those crazy people! LOL) for each injection. Warming the PIO is great and helps to thin it out.

    The smallest injectable needle I was able to get the PIO with was a 21 gauge, the smaller the better, but too small and it takes forever to come out. The heating pad works wonders afterwards as well. I never iced the area, I used emla cream (which is prescribed by your doctor) and then ended up just injecting after a few times without anything.

    Best of luck from a lurker who has been cheering you on since the Green Beans. :) Hugs!

  25. Praying for you and your little one on this journey. With PAL there is def a lot more anxiety and fear. It can be totally different emotionwise!

  26. You're alway in my prayers! Keep the positive attitude, I'm sure baby greenie will be the perfect little newborn.

  27. I haven't been here in a long time and I was thrilled to find you are expecting another little one! I had a complicated triplet delivery at 25 weeks (lost two of them, one at 5 months old and one at 6 months old), with a singleton pregnancy 10 years later. My doctor decided to place a cerclage at 14 weeks since I had "painless" cervical dilation with the triplets. The cerclage worked well, but I still ended up delivering at 34 weeks 5 days because of PIH. My 34 weeker was in the NICU for 3 weeks, but once home, he's been perfectly "normal".

    Praying for all of you and praying for an uneventful full-term pregnancy!!