Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

I love the feeling of Christmas, so I wanted to make it a point to drag out all our holiday decorations this year.  While Josh was catching a flight home Friday night, I knocked out all the decorating!  I can be really productive when I put my mind to it!  I was motivated to get it all done before Saturday rolled around, so we wouldn’t be stuck doing that all day.

I borrowed this idea from Allison, and hung ornaments from the Dining Room chandelier.  It’s so simple (as you can see) and gives the room a fun holiday-ish feel. 



Since we use our upstairs bonus room so much now, we decided to put the Christmas tree up there this year.  Despite wanting to get a second tree for the Living Room, I just decided to save the money (for Taylor :)) and put up garland instead.  I think it still gives off the same feeling as having a Christmas tree in the room.  The garland is hung over the sliding glass door and on the half wall between the Dining Room and Living Room.


And, here’s the tree we put up in the Bonus Room.  It looks nice against the red wall.


My favorite ornament of all is one LB made for me last year.  I keep it up year round on a shelf in my office.  It is just the sweetest thing – four little peas in a pod.


You wouldn’t think that one could over complicate ordering Christmas cards, but I managed to.  For some reason I didn’t plan on sending out a Christmas card this year.  I don’t really know why, but I think it was an insecurity of mine about how to, or do I, address that we are expecting a baby on the card?  Instead of doing a card, I was hoping just to fly under the radar this Christmas and avoid it all together.  I wanted to acknowledge that she was coming, but it’s also scary to put that down on our card because of all the “what if’s”. 

Well, despite my fears and with a little motivation from Allison, I did it anyway.  I ordered the cards.  I’m happy I did, and think they turned out great!  At the bottom of the card it says:


Josh, Lauren, and Taylor (due in May!)

christmas card 



  1. That is TOO funny that we did the same blog post theme/title on the same night! Great minds think alike!

    I adore that ornament that LB made you last year; what an amazingly thoughtful gift!

    P.S- I hope you don't feel I bullied you into creating a Christmas card yesterday!! That's so not what I meant to do!

  2. Love all the decor! Great job!

  3. Yea! I love all of the festive'ness :) I plan to do some myself while hubby is traveling on business this week.

    As for your Christmas card, kudos to you for sharing your miracle. For me, sending a card that announces our pregnancy was SO difficult. I had many, many hang-ups, but ultimately I decided that our baby deserved to be celebrated. The cards arrived yesterday and now I have lots of work to do :) And I LOVE your card! The bright colors just make me happy :)))

    Have a wonderful week and continued prayers always.
    ps Rylan, Lilly, Paige and Heidi's ornament is absolutely precious...made with lots of love to celebrate 4 very, very special children.

  4. You and Allison are a couple nerds I love dearly. :) Looks great!

  5. Taylor @ The Undomestic MommaDecember 8, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    love all your decorations and your cards! I just found your blog and love it!

  6. Wow, love your decorations!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...

    Just start to catch up on yours...will be finding new blogs...yay!

  7. Good for you friend! I have yet to send mine as well.

  8. Lauren, YOU, your home, and your card are too stinkin' adorable! xoxo