Wednesday, January 26, 2011

24 Week Update

How many weeks? I am 24.5 weeks!  Only 15 weeks to go! 

I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant now for 6 months!!  All of a sudden it feels like its gone by fast.  I’ve had 6 full months of an uneventful “normal” pregnancy and I couldn’t be more thankful for that!  By NO means do I want to have a 24 weeker, but it is nice to know that I’ve passed my first goal.   Now, I’m hoping and praying for many more uneventful weeks of pregnancy.  The next goal is 28 weeks, then 30, then 32, and so on to full term!

 24 weeks

How am I feeling?  I got a HORRIBLE cold this week.  Are common colds worse when you’re pregnant??  It sure feels like it.  This is one of the worst colds I think I’ve ever had. 

Aside from the cold,  I’ve been feeling pretty darn good!  My back has been hurting some in the evenings.  It concerns me a little – I know that lower back pain can be a sign of preterm labor, but it can also be a very normal pregnancy side effect. 

I’m also enjoying all of Taylor’s kicks and punches.  She’s moving all the time!  I like to stare at my belly and watch it move.

Doctor’s Appointment? Not this week.

Weight Gain? 12 pounds.

Baby Preparation?  Josh has been reading Taylor ‘Good Night Moon’ every night at bedtime.  My hope is that she will sense our routine and recognize her Daddy’s voice when he reads it to her after she’s born.  It’s so cute when he tucks us both into bed each night.  Taylor and I love that :)

good night

Thank you for all the positive and encouraging comments to my bedroom dilemma post.  It helps to know that we aren’t alone.  I guess we’ll just enjoy our sleep while we can!



  1. So, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, bit I was JUST thinking about you and wondering when you were going to post your next weekly pregnancy update and photo!!! And here I go on my feeds and yours was the first one that popped up "2 minutes ago" it said. You look beautiful as always, and I am hoping your nasty cold goes away! Congrats on almost 25 weeks! doing awesome mama!

  2. I'm so excited for you. Also 24 weeks is a big big thing you are In my thoughts a lot. Hopeing for a very uneventful next 4 weeks untill you make it to the next goal. Don't worry it scares me too my back hurting but it's normal and aren't you just loving Taylors kicks and movements.

  3. Goodnight moon is my favorite and I've been encouraging hubby to read to baby Cala too! So fun! So glad you're past that milestone and can't wait for you to pass all of the rest as well.

    I think the cold totally sucks pregnant--I have one and it's no fun! Continuing to lift you, hubby, and Taylor in prayer!

  4. Yippe! You are doing great! I had the same worry with back pain then I got a belly support band and it was was a great comfort knowing it was just pressure from my ever expanding belly :)

    I used to read that too to Tessa....and Guess How Much I Love You. Then in the NICU I read them everynight before I left. Now Tessa is totally addicted to ready and I know it stems back to hearing it in my belly;)

    Keep up the great job ! Can't wait to see you in a few months!!

  5. viability!!!! yay!!!!!! josh reading you two goodnight moon is the sweetest thing. 15.5 more weeks. eeeek! ((((hugs))))

  6. You look great and I am so exited about all God has done during this pregnancy. Taylor is going to love her family!
    As for the back pain, that is totally normal! Each time I had back pain that was labor,i first endured hours of front labor first. (breathtaking contractions) And I would say the difference in the two back pains are pretty didn't. Preggo pain feels like pulled muscles and aches where labor pain feels like someone just hit your lower back with a sledge hammer. (think shattered backbone) I hope your pain goes away, as being pregnant is enough:)

  7. So excited for you.... I can't believe that we are getting so close. We could actually deliver at the same time since I will only go to 38 weeks. Praying for Taylor to "keep cooking"

  8. I'm so happy things are going so good! Taylor is going to be here before you know it!!

  9. Your glowing mama!! Congrats 24 weeks she'll be here in a blink of an eye my little man is now 7 months almost reaching 8 and it seems it was just yest that I was laying on the couch or in the tub watching him punch and kick!! So exciting!! Can't wait till she gets here!!

  10. Lauren,

    You look amazing! We are very close in size and weight gain :) Kudo's to us!

    As for reading, Nicholas has been reading Guess How Much I Love You to Little Bunny each night. And I'm not sure who loves it more, baby or me :)

    Much Love

  11. I'm sorry you were sick this week, I was sick in my first trimester with Madelyn, it was the pits. There's not a lot you can take to get relief. I hope you're feeling better, because you look great!