Thursday, February 24, 2011

28 Week Update!

How many weeks? I am 28 weeks!  I’ve surpassed my second goal and am now looking on to being 30 weeks, then 32, and then on to FULL TERM!  The end is insight and it’s so surreal!


How am I feeling?   I’ve made it to my THIRD TRIMESTER now!  I am feeling heavier by the day.  Overall, I am a little less comfortable than I was, but still no real complaints. 

I am so thankful to be this far along in my pregnancy, but its still impossible for me not to worry and constantly think about what she’d be like if she were born this week or next.  I try my best to keep a positive attitude about my pregnancy, but the second I feel a pain or cramp my mind starts racing and wondering if this is the start of labor.  Its getting easier now that I am 28.5 weeks, but it is still a fear that I battle with daily.  I can’t help it. 

Maternity: The weather is perfect this time of year, so I got to break out my maternity shorts that I haven’t worn in a few months.  They were a little tighter than they were before :)   Lo and  I ventured out to the beach this weekend to get a little sun.  I had some major anxiety over wearing a baiting suit, but I found a cute, non-maternity tankini at Target that worked out really well.  I would have just worn one of my normal bikinis but neither the tops OR the bottoms are fitting currently!


Doctor’s Appointment? Yes, this week I go to my regular OB for a check up and to do my glucose test. 

Last week at my Peri appointment, things went really well.  My Peri told me he only needs to see me ONE MORE TIME!  That last appointment will be in a month, and then I graduate!  Can you believe it??  After that, I will just be monitored (like normal) by the OB.

Weight Gain? 16 pounds. 

Baby Preparation?  More baby preparations are underway.  We have a few more things to finish in the nursery, and then I will definitely be posting pictures. 

Pregnancy Advice:  This is the best pregnancy advice I’ve heard so far.  With all the things there are to stress over, here is a list of things NOT to worry about!  Genius!



  1. You look amazing! I am so happy you are doing so well :)

  2. Awesome update!! I've been following along and thinking of you and am always so thrilled to see happy pregnancy updates!! :) You look fantastic!

  3. Hang in there. 28 weeks is a huge milestone for her! You look great!

  4. Lauren,
    Your 28 weeks! Thats fabulous. Its a feat that you can be proud of. Keep on with the updates! I can't wait to see the next ultrasound of your lil cutie. Keep showing us that belly through the weeks...Taylor tell your mom she's beautiful and not to worry about wearing a
    hugs from a snowy state :(

  5. Finally an update! :) You continue to glow and look beautiful each and every passing week. I can see the difference, I love the belly. So good to hear everything is going well. You are doing great mama! Pretty soon you will have beautiful Taylor in arms and will be gawking all the time like I do!

  6. Can't wait to rub that belly in a few weeks! You look great!

  7. Lauren you look great! The fear seems to become a little less with each milestone. I love the tankini top. I was pregnant through the whole summer but did not like any of the maternity bathing suits, I'm sure you looked super cute :) looking forward to each update.

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks :)

  8. Yay! 28 weeks! I love that list from Baby Center! That is a great list of things NOT to stress over! You look fabulous!

  9. When I read your updates I "yell" the amount of weeks in my head. For instance on this one, How many weeks? I would yell "28 weeks!" in my head like I'm at a football game or something. Ok I'm done.

  10. WOOHOO for 28 weeks!!!!!! :) I'm feeling the same way about thinking every pain is labor starting or something going wrong. Don't beat yourself up about it. :) Have fun with the nursery!!!

  11. Congrats on hitting another great milestone! I'm soo happy and so excited for you! Can't wait to see photos of the nursery!

  12. Too sister-in-law emailed me that list after I had a few freak out moments earlier in my pregnancy. Such a great list...thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on 28 weeks! I know you must be relieved to have made it to that goal. Come on week will get there:)

    I'm currently 18 weeks so we're at the 24-week goal at the moment. I really try not to focus so much on the week and just let time pass. I'm really praying that when I get to 23-24 weeks, which is when I went into labor with Connor, that I don't have a huge melt down.

    Keeping up with your blog has brought me so much encouragement. Thanks for sharing your story!

  13. Yea! So happy all is going well :) And I'm jealous that you are in sunny FL and taking in some sunshine. Can little Bunny and I come for a visit :)

    You'll have that glucose test behind you before you know it. It was easy for me, but just make sure you eat some protein immediately after. As my Dr. said, there will be lots of sugar flowing in your veins. I do have to say the drink didn't taste bad, it tasted like orange Fanta.

    And you aren't alone worrying about all the aches and pains. Anxiety gets me too!

    Much Love

  14. YAY for 28 weeks your glowing Lauren and Im so happy for you I cant wait to see her!!