Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coolest Pregnant Wife Ever

I had to remind Josh that I could possibly be the coolest pregnant wife ever.

You know why? 

Because Josh had the grand idea to jump out of a perfectly good plane… AGAIN.  You may recall, he did this a mere 7 months ago, but he got the itch again, so I watched helplessly from the ground and hoped he’d have a safe landing.

See how excited I was about the idea?


In case you didn’t know… Skydiving is DANGEROUS!


My theory is, I skydived ONCE and now I never have to do it again.  Josh, on the other hand, wants to make it a tradition to do it every year now!

Here he is signing his life away.,,


Always representing the Green Beans :)


Here they are, all ready to go!  IMG_1860IMG_1861


  Sorry guys if this embarrasses you, but I had to take a crotch shot...

   Those jump suits are just too funny!



I was all smiles AFTERWARD.  They landed safely and had a great time!  I’m so glad Taylor is going to have her Daddy around :)




  1. Peter loves this dangerous hobby too. Leaves my tummy in knots!!!

  2. seriously, you are wife of the year! for sure!

    and that crotch shot is hilarious!!

    you look fabulous -- glowing! i love it!

    and i am SO glad josh landed safely!

  3. random thought...love you in teal. Its so your color.
    I can't believe you let your hubs go do something like this?! you are wife of the year. I think taylor doesn't know it yet but she's happy to keep daddy around too. Thanks for sharing-

  4. You were cool before! :)
    I have to laugh with the color of Josh's jumper though. Those are not very manly colors.

  5. I'm glad you got your jump out of the way before any kiddos arrived! That's just something that will NEVER be on my bucket list, but I'm glad you did it once at least!

  6. Lauren, please tell Josh that I think purple is most definitely his color.

  7. OMG! Um, I will vote you Best Wife Evaaaah!

    As for the sky diving, I'll leave that to Josh and the elder President Bush! Crazy guys :)

    As for the crotch shot....LOL!

  8. You are way more brave than I am! I couldn't even watch this sorta thing.

    And I cracked up at the crotch shot. It was exactly what I needed when I first read this post at like 6:30 am! haha.

  9. That definitely deserves to make it into the baby book "how daddy spent his time preparing for your arrival..." :D So glad they had a great time and landed safely!

  10. Both Andrew and I agreed Josh was crazy. :-) Thank God it was a good jump! NOW STOP JOSH! LOL.

  11. Oh I love Skydive City! Always meet some cool people. I'm from Ohio but we always go when we're in Florida. Actually the plan is to go tomorrow at this point with Little Man and Great Grandpa!

  12. Man, skydiving suits make for some horrendous moose knuckle shots! Looking good, boys!

  13. What the heck! I feel violated.

    - Signed one of the crotch shot guys...

  14. Thank GOODNESS for the safe landing now tell em to find a different LESS dangerous hobby so you can keep that smile on your face....lol