Friday, May 27, 2011

2am Feedings & More

Greetings from newborn delirium bliss!

What was I thinking taking a picture of myself at 2am?!?  I must be delirious to actually post this!

I'm just keeping it real! :)

Taylor is almost 4 weeks old, but has proven to be unpredictable.  Some nights she sleeps well and will have a 6 hour stretch of solid sleep. What a treat that is!

This is her nursing log from the baby app we are using, called Trixie Tracker.  Last night, she went from 8pm to 2am!  I wasn't asleep that whole time to enjoy a full 6 hours of sleep myself, but It’s still good!

Other nights Tay has been really fussy & gassy. We do everything we can for her, but she will still grunt and fuss intermittently throughout the night. It's hard to watch your baby in discomfort when there's not much you can do. We’ve taken her into see the doctor (twice) about this.  We started with giving her Mylicon gas drops and now have tried Gripe Water. I guess it has helped some, but it hasn't been the miracle treatment like many moms said it has been for their children.

The good news is, Taylor is usually great during the day. She goes with the flow and naps wherever.  She is also eating very well.  She’s up to 8 pounds and the doc is very pleased with her weight gain. It's amazing to me that I have provided all of the food and nutrients she needs to grow and thrive. That part of nursing is very rewarding!



  1. Other thoughts:

    *Try eliminating dairy to see if that cuts down on the discomfort.

    *Swaddling -- Guessing you are already doing this though.

    Riley had colic for 6 weeks and it began right around 6 weeks adjusted age. It was not fun at all. Every night she cried from 7pm to 3 am. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

    Just know this too will pass. I hope Tay gets some relief and her mama gets some rest!

  2. I was going to say the same thing. I really feel like if I had cut out dairy with Eli he would have been a much happier baby. All three of mine probably would have spit up a lot less. If you decide to go for it, I have some good recipes and tips for being dairy free. I know I feel much better since I've cut it out. Much love to you guys!

  3. I would start tracking what you are eating and her gassy moments. For Claire it was garlic. Strange!

  4. awe, wow, you STILL look great Lauren for it being in the middle of the night.

    HAHA IF I ever posted my mid night feedings pictures..lets just say it would *not* be a pretty sight.

    Surpried she had gave you a 6 hr stretch for sleep! Thats great. I just was told and read that shouldnt really let a newborn go more than 4 hrs without eating. But, hey, if she is sleeping, you know what they say, dont wake a sleeping baby! :) And as you said she has gained weight, so thats great!

    Sadie has always been a terrible sleeper, I wasnt doing the swaddling thing. OOPS, oh well, def next time, if there is one. I am sure little Taylor is keeping you busy and I am so proud to hear you are continuing nursing. I knew you would. Alot give it up very quickly. But as you feel, I felt the same way it was so neat knowing I was providing for her. I saw *was* because around 5.5 months I started introducing formula, I cant rememebr why, possibly wasnt making enough, but well and when I would try and pump for her she wouldnt stand still so I can pump and I would CRY AND CRY because I kept telling her mommy is doing someting good for you. So I had to give it up :( because I am left with barely nothing and she eats 4 oz. I have been taking fenugreek to help with the supply I am hoping I can at least pump a little because she REFUSES to nurse now and I am so upset because I miss that bond.

    ANyways, I am sure youre enjoying your little Taylor! MORE pics please! :)

  5. Read up a lil on the gripe water...not really all that safe

  6. That 6 hr stretch was nice-I noticed it came after she nursed for over a half hour. If she did that more often, she'd probably gain more too. Average wt. gain for a newborn is 8 oz. per week. Mylicon drops and gripe water don't seem to work for lots of babies. Dairy and caffeine, chocolate might make a diff.

  7. The sleeping will get better for 3 months. Then when you get used to sleeping **BAM** she will stop sleeping. Well this is what's happening to me O_O Leeland was up every friggin hour last night!!

  8. An old Italian remedy for colicky babies is to boil half of a dried bay leaf (from the spice jar),in 1/4 cup of water for 5 minutes. Strain and then place the water in a bottle. When it cools down enough, but is still warm, feed to baby. Relieves colic and is perfectly safe for baby. Works like a charm each time!

    *Also helps adults with indigestion after a big meal!

  9. Keep up the great work, Lauren!! I bet Gina could give you some tips for Taylor's belly issues -she was great with helping my kids when they were gassy. I know one thing she'd do is put them on their backs, take their feet and make circle motions with their legs in clockwise patterns. Maybe that might help??

  10. Even at 2am you're adorable!