Monday, July 25, 2011

What A Gift!

My niece, Hannah, made us the nicest scrapbook to capture Taylor’s first year in.  On one of the pages, she wrote a poem for Taylor.  When I first read it, I figured it was a poem that she copied from somewhere, but when I learned that she wrote it herself, it meant so much more!  It is just so thoughtful and perfect, I had to share it with you…


When You Were Born

The day you were born

We all rejoiced

In laughter and tears

Our joy was voiced.

We loved you,

We held you,

We tickled your toes.

We couldn’t get over your cute little nose!

After waiting and waiting

You were finally here,

We couldn’t believe the news

When it reached our ears.

Your tiny hands and

Your sweet little face,

Are an amazing reminder of God’s wonderful grace.


Thank you, Hannah, we will cherish the scrapbook and poem that you made us forever!



  1. Hannah, Thank you so much for that beautiful poem.
    You are a talented girl and we are very proud of you.


  2. What a talented young lady! And so thoughtful...not to mention she's beautiful ;) Beauty runs in the family!

  3. Could Taylor be any cuter?! What a special gift!