Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lots of Firsts!

Boy, have we been busy lately!  Taylor has been having a fun summer and experiencing lots of firsts lately.  She is such a good little girl and just goes with the flow!

On Saturday, our neighbors threw a fabulous Summer Party at our community pool.  Taylor got all dressed up for the occasion…


Taylor got in the pool for the first time too!  The water was so warm; it felt like bath water, so she loved it.  Once she got in her floatie and had her pacifier, she was asleep in minutes!


It is such a joy experiencing all these firsts with our baby!  I still can’t believe she’s actually mine.  She just fits into our lives so well.  We’ve been waiting for her for so long.


This past week, five of Taylor’s cousins came to visit.  She got to meet her Auntie and Uncle and got lots of attention from her cousins.  All of them were so good to her and enjoyed loving on the newest addition of the family!


Another big first for Taylor was her first trip to Downtown Disney!  While my family spent the day at the Magic Kingdom,  we just met up with them at Downtown Disney for dinner and some shopping.    It was so much fun taking her there (not like she cares about any of it yet or anything) but it was still wonderful!




Happy Summer All!



  1. so fun!

    you look great lauren & little taylor is just perfection!!

  2. She's precious!!! My husband and I say every night, "We have a baby, that's ours!! Can you believe it?!?!" It is so surreal and so wonderful!

  3. Fun times with a precious baby girl! So happy for you!

  4. Precious pictures! Taylor is just adorable!