Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4 Months!

Taylor, you are 4 GLORIOUS months old! 

You are soooo much fun to be with.  I’d do everything with you if I had my way.  You are my little buddy and love every minute I spend with you.IMG_4093-1

You are so happy and sweet!  You bring a smile and an “awwwee” to everyone you meet.  You are my reminder every day that miracles DO happen!11

I like to look back and remember what life was like when Taylor was 4 months old, so here is what she’s been up to lately…

Taylor sleeps about 11 hours each night.  She’s now graduated from a swaddler to a sleep sack and loves to sleep with her arms up by her head.  We sing a song or two before bed and usually read a book.  Her favorite is Snuggle Puppy.

Taylor loves school.  Her teachers adore her and she is thriving there.  I feel happy to drop her off there because I know she is getting great care.  My favorite part of each day is picking her up and knowing she’s all mine!  I just want to eat her up! 

She is losing all of her dark hair and it’s coming back in kind of strawberry blonde.  She’s literally changing before my eyes!  Taylor loves to talk and blow bubbles.  She is super strong too and stands up while we hold her and loves to hold her own head up, like a big girl.  She’s also starting to cut a few teeth! 


4 Month Stats

Height: 25 inches -  60th percentile (up from 52nd percentile at 2 months)

Weight: 13lbs. 1 oz. – 25th percentile (I was shocked at this.  I thought for sure all those chucks would weigh more than that!)

Head circumference: 16 inches – 43rd percentile (down from 78th percentile at 2 months – Her body is catching up with her head! :) )


The months are just flying by and she just keeps getting better and better!  Our little mini-photo shoots that I do with her are so much fun.  She just poses and smiles and I just snap away!


Love, love, love this picture of her!  I need to get it framed.


Until next month!



  1. What a sweet child Taylor is- love her!

    I think it's great that you do this each month! I'll have to steal this idea for Sophie- but maybe you can take the pictures for me. You are getting to be quite the photographer. :)

  2. What a beauty! Those eyes are stunning. We are ready to meet her and hope ya'll will make it at the end of the month.

  3. That girl gets cuter & cuter each day, I just love her!!

    Oh & I had to compare Cam's 4 month stats & he weighed 17 pounds, 2 ounces so a full 4 pounds more! That's a dainty girl vs. a tank boy!!

  4. She is changing so much. She is beautiful! Isn't being a mom the best?