Monday, October 10, 2011

5 Months!

Miss Taylor is 5 months old already!  This really does go SO fast!   Every month that goes by she gets to be more and more fun!


These days Taylor enjoys playing in her excersaucer, sitting up in her Bumbo, and watching Baby Einstein.  Her favorite thing to play with are her feet.  She is the sweetest, easiest baby and she charms everyone she meets.  She is all giggles and smiles!

Taylor is mostly wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers (although they are getting small).  She’s about 15 lbs. and counting.  She is still eating just formula, but by the end of this month we’ll start her on some cereal and baby foods. 

I swear she is starting to wave hello already!  We practice waving every time she comes and goes from school and recently I started noticing that she extends her arm out to wave when we meet people.  How cute is that?!?


Our mini photo shoot this morning didn’t go quite as smoothly as the month’s past.  Now that she’s drooling everywhere, her month sticker got all wet and she started pulling chucks of it off and trying to eat it.  We had to move quickly this morning before it became a disaster.  It was still fun though! :)



  1. oh my goodness- she is soooo precious!!!!! just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (and smart!!!)

  2. She is absolutely beautiful!!!! SOOO cute! :)

  3. she is surely growing and quick! so pretty Lauren!