Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Facts About Me!

1.  I eat the majority of my meals Monday – Friday in my car since I’m on the road so much. 

You’d think I’d be 300 pounds with all the drive thru I eat; however, I make healthy choices.  Like the Veggie Breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks, which is only 350 cals and de-lishious, or the Char-grilled Chicken Sandwich from Chik-fil-a, which is only 290 cals and a great wholesome lunch!

2.   I love to shop, but hate buying shoes and pants.  They are always so hard to find ones that fit right.  I need long pants and pants in long sizes are really limited.  And my feet are big (size 10) so I can find plenty of shoes that I love, but when I see them in my size, I don’t think they are as cute anymore.

But I did just find these and they are awesome!  They come in a 34” inseam and were only $10.80 from Forever 21! 

 forever21_black jeans

3.  My favorite past time is SLEEPING!

4.  I hate clutter and I ENJOY organizing!  If I have a to-do list that involves various house chores, I literally have to make myself do everything on it before I get to do any organization projects because I enjoy it so much.  I could spend all day doing it, that is if it doesn’t interfere with my 3rd Fun Fact!

5.  I think it would be fun to get a seasonal job wrapping Christmas gifts at a department store.  I enjoy wrapping gifts up and making them look pretty.

6. I have a very eclectic love for music… some of my favorites range from The Cure, The Beastie Boys, Britney, all 90’s R&B, 80’s, rap, and even some country!

7.  My favorite XM channel is BPM!  Oh, and I cannot live without XM!

8.  I am a HORRIBLE speller. Thank God for spell check!

9.  I’ve lived on both coasts (California & Florida).

10.  I see or talk to my grandparents and parents basically every day!  How lucky am I?!?

11.  I can easily blow through 2,000 cell phone minutes per month.

12.  I hate sayings!  I just don’t get them!  When and if I attempt to say one, I usually get them wrong.  I sound retarded trying to use sayings… Like, “three sheets to the wind”??  And, “One is 6, half dozen another”??  What the heck does that mean!?!

13.  I am a California girl at heart.  I was born and raised there for my first 23 years.

14.  I am no longer a true blonde!  Shocker! hair

15.  I would LOVE to be an interior designer.

16.  I once ran into Regis Philibin at the Charlotte airport.  When I saw him I yelled, “Reeeeg!”


17.  My favorite food is Turkey Subs.  I get them everywhere I go.  I never turn down a sandwich at a good deli.

18.  My first concert was The Cranberries in Berkeley, California, when I was 15.

The Cranberries - Linger

19.  I studied Political Science in college, and if you know me in real life, that is comical!  I do know that there are 7 supreme court justices though… I think!

20.  The only time that I’ve ever run out of gas was the very first day I got my license.  I was so preoccupied with driving all around town picking up everyone that I know, that I never once looked down at my gas gauge the whole day!  Luckily, a nice man rescued me and pushed my car out of the center of the intersection where it died.

21.  I hate frogs.  They gross me out.  I fear their little slimy bodies will jump at me and I feel their cold wet skin.  YUCK!

22.  I like to golf, but 18 holes is way too long in my opinion.  I’d prefer if the game was just 7 or 8 holes long.

23.  I fall asleep while watching most movies.  I have seen the beginning and end of thousands of movies, while getting a nice nap in during the middle. chick-fil-a-spicy-chicken-sandwich

24.  I love walking through model homes.  I like to borrow their design ideas.

25.  My favorite fast food chain is Chick-fil-a without a doubt!

26.  I love people that make me laugh!

27.  I love things to be tidy and orderly; however, my car is usually a disaster. 

I hope you enjoyed those fun little tidbits about me.  Now, off to do my favorite past time…. SLEEP!



  1. # 12 makes me think of Gloria from Modern Family. Like when she says "It's a doggie dog world" and she's corrected because it should be "Dog eat dog world". Cute!

  2. Oh Lauren, those pictures are worth a thousand words. Just remember, don't bite off more than you can chew because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...come hell or high water.

    I'm just being devil's advocate, but this post included everything but the kitchen sink! It ranged from your own flesh and blood, to things showing you have an axe to grind...truly the full monty!

    Well we are just head over heels for you and Tay Tay, so you should hit the hay and make no bones about it that Rome was not built in one day.


  3. Cute post! I even learned a few things about you! BTW, have you tried the Starbucks roasted tomato & mozzarella panini? It is to die for!! I've gotten it for lunch a few times.. it's 380 calories of pure deliciousness!