Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mommy / Baby Weekend!

Baby Tay Tay and I had such a great weekend visiting with our friends, Ashley and CC!  Ashley and I first met as blogger friends, then got the opportunity to meet and have been real-life friends ever since!  Even though we met just two years ago, we act like we’ve been friends since high school! We are fortunate enough to live pretty close, so this weekend, we had a little Mommy-Baby weekend and it was great! 

Here’s a snap shot of our weekend via some random Instagram pictures that I took…


We kept these babies on the move all weekend!  From shopping, to parks, to pictures with Santa, to the beach, to the memorial garden to visit CC’s big bro Nolan, to a photo shoot with KC!  Taylor had her first experience on a park swing and thoroughly enjoyed it!  The two hammed it up when we squished them together in one swing. 


We went to Sanibel Island Beach and enjoyed the perfect weather!  Hard to believe a week before Christmas, the beaches were full of sunbathers!  The water was chilly, but the kids didn’t mind putting their feet in it.  Taylor enjoyed lounging on the blanket, chugging a bottle, and soaking in the warm sun!


Somehow I didn’t get a pic of Ashley and I together, so this self portrait of Tay and I will have to do :)


I just love this picture!

This picture means so much to me… First of all, who can resist those thunder thighs and chunky feet?? So yummy!  This was Taylor’s first time in the ocean and she loved it!  I  thank God every day for giving me this sweet baby girl.  I felt empty an incomplete for so long, but now I am overjoyed with every minute of her!  Just the fact that she is here with me to enjoy these wonderful things in life means so much!  She is so special!



After the kids were fed and bathed, we had fun watching them play together.  It’s practically impossible to get them both looking at the camera at once, so this is the best I could do with my cell phone :)  It is so rewarding watching our precious Rainbow Babies together and so perfect!  They played really nicely together except when CC tried tackling hugging Taylor :)


Once the kiddos slept, we caught up on some reality tv and indulged in a few pieces of Norman Love chocolate!  WOW, it is good!  I had never heard of Norman Love before, but apparently it’s some famous chocolate based in Ft. Myers.  Each piece is a work of art!  Almost too pretty to eat… almost!

Needless to say, we had a great time catching up!  Hope you all had a great weekend too!




  1. Hi Lauren,

    I've been following your blog for a while, but never commented. :) Taylor is so adorable! I was just wondering where you got the blanket in the second photograph? I've had one like it all my life that my great grandmother made! It was crazy to see my baby blanket's twin in your picture!!